Bright Stripes Spa*rkle Beauty Kits For Tweens and Teens

Girls just want to have fun, right? SO, let's give it to them! When I was younger I loved being able to play with makeup and hair supplies. I wanted to look glamourous and stylish for all of the pretend places I was going. Whether I was going to the Ball in the living room, the mall in the hallway, the dance club in the kitchen, or even a girl's night out at the sleepover, I wanted to look my best and have fun doing it. Bright Stripes Spa*rkle kits have all of the creative accessories you need to help achieve all of that!

I love that Bright Stripes has all kid-friendly products that aren't harmful to them and they can still feel as self-expressive as they want to be. From the tippy tip of your toes to the top of your head, and everything in between, Spa*rkle has you covered!

Such a funny little story... My older sister Heather, was always so good at doing hair and makeup. She got all of the pieces in the intended places, her hair was always curled, teased, and pulled back in the right places, I was always so impressed at her coordination. I could never get the curling iron to turn the right way, I left the little u shaped crimp on every curl. 

Anyway, when I was 10 years old and my sister Heather was 12 years old, I wanted her to do my makeup. For whatever reason, I wanted makeup on and to look glam like her and her friends. She said sure but you have to keep your eyes closed so I don't poke it. Me, the gullible and trusting sister, I sat on the chair with my eyes closed while she did her magic. After all of the swipes, wipes, and tugs, I was ready for the unveiling. That magic was colorful markers, not the washable kind. I literally looked like a clown. Needless to say, that caused a whole wave of chaos through the house and turned my mom into the referee for the afternoon. That story right there, although there are so many more with equal amounts of sabotage, is the reason that I love the Spa*rkle Bright Stripes kits. No super surprises. 

Recently we had the opportunity to work with Spa*rkle again on their awesome play kits. They sent us some really cool beauty kits for ages 7 years+ and 8 years+. These are all easy to play with unguided. That means that the kids can play with them on their own and be as creative as they want to be with minimal help from the grown-ups and no referee needed. 

The Spa*rkle kits are great gifts for any holiday or sleepover party. 

Spa*rkle Hair Chalk Pastels and Barrettes Set • Ages 8+ • $17.99

The Hair Chalk Pastels and Barrettes Set comes with 6 hair chalks pastels including 2 metallic colors, 4 star and heart barrettes, a small comb, and easy instructions.

Spa*rkle Dual-Top Nail Pens: Mermaid Glitter • Ages 7+ • $17.99

This set comes with 6 bottles of nail polish, 48 press-on nails, a marbling tool, a nail file, and easy instructions.

Spa*rkle Rainbow Festival Body Art • Ages 8+ • $22.99

Includes 6 rainbow-colored tattoo markers,
4 colors of shimmer cream, 10 stencil stickers, 25 sticky gems, and easy instructions.

I am so happy to let you know we are hosting a giveaway for the Bright Stripes Spa*rkle kits. The winner can have their choice of kit, Spa*rkle Hair Chalk Pastels and Barrettes Set, Spa*rkle Dual-Top Nail Pens: Mermaid Glitter, or Spa*rkle Rainbow Festival Body Art.

If you are looking for fun, creative, and exciting ways to express yourself, the Bright Stripes Spa*rkle kits are the way to go! Check out the whole Spa*rkle line on their website. 

I received these products for free as a gift to facilitate this review. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out through my email or through the contact button on the right side of the page. 

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