PlayWildUSA Saucer Swing For Anywhere Swinging

Do you remember being a kid and swinging at the park? There is something so special about the way the wind blows against your face and when you lean back and it looks like your feet are walking in the clouds or climbing a tree, it’s so inspirational! I have a lifetime of memories on swings. One of my favorites was the tire swing at my grama Karen’s house. It was a tire swing hung by a barge rope that my sisters and I played on for as long as I can remember. 

When I grew up, my grama moved in with my mom, and my husband and I moved into my grama's house. It was awesome living there. Seeing my kids being able to play in the same place that I played when I was a kid, was nostalgic, to say the least. They ran up and down the yard, rode their bikes in the driveway, and had picnics under the shade trees, just like I got to! One thing that really hit me in the sensitivities was that old tire swing. It was still there! My little guys got to swing on the same tire swing that I did! 

As the kids grew up and we moved a few times, something that we have tried to always have in the yard is a swing. The kids loved it and it was more than just a play break. It became the hangout, the picnic spot, the thinking place, the chorus practice area, the future planning place, you name it, the tree swing became one of the most important places in our yard, especially for our youngest daughter. 

We have upgraded the swing a few times throughout the years to cover the growing family. We just upgraded again with PlayWild. We got the Play Wild Saucer Tree Swing for several reasons. It's made with amazing quality, it's an everything included swing, it has a high weight limit, it's safe, and it's easy to hang. 

What comes in the box?

The kit comes with everything needed to assemble the swing and hang it, including the ropes. If you want a swivel, you will have to purchase it separately. The saucer swing took about 10 minutes to assemble. 
  • Saucer base mat 
  • Saucer poles (unassembled)
  • Hardware
  • Ropes
  • Clips
Assembly (It took longer to type than it did to assemble)

The saucer base has 4 curved tube pieces with foam cushion covers. The pieces go inside the swing base edging to give it its shape and strength. Each piece has predrilled holes and fits into the next. 

Slide each piece of padded pipe into the base, one right after the other. The pieces slide in smoothly to each other and make a solid ring inside the base. Each pieces' connection is where the rope attaches to the base. The bolts attach the ropes and also secure the pipes. It's a great design. 

The 2 ropes that come with this swing are dual-ended and connect to the base. 2 ropes = 4 connections. Each rope has an adjuster at the top near the ring so you can easily get the perfect height for the swing. The adjuster is an "S" shaped metal piece that allows the rope to weave in and out smoothly and also lock into place. No tools are needed to adjust the ropes. 

Make sure you put the flap down before you attach the rope but do not secure it yet. The flap covers the whole pipe after the screws are tightened all the way, then secure the flap to the velcro. Each connection spot has a flap that goes over it to cover any exposed part of the tubing and the bolts.

When you are all done you will have four connection pieces on the saucer swing with adjustable ropes attached.

Adjusting The Rope

Without weight on the swing, push the rope up to loosen the adjuster. While it's loosened, slide the adjuster up and down to get the correct height. Keep in mind, the closer the adjuster is to the top loop means the longer the rope. If you want to shorten the rope, slide the adjuster down. 

Hang it up! 

I love this saucer swing because it can hang on just about anything. It can go on a tree limb, swing set frame, and in our case now, the rafters on the front porch. 

We had it in the tree but hurricane Ida's storms moved in giving us high winds so we moved it up to the porch. 

Hanging the swing with open ropes will allow for a forward/backward swing pattern. This is a good idea for controlling the swings movement area. 

When the swing has the ropes put together (like an A) it will give you free movement from all directions and even give you spin action. 

How we decided what hanging option to use is by the location of the swing. When it's in the tree we clipped it together, when it's on the porch we left them open. We have less space on the porch for movement and more obstacles. 

This is an amazing swing to have for the whole family. With the 400lb weight limit, kids and parents can join in the fun. 

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I received this product for free as a gift to facilitate this review. If you have any questions please feel free to reach me directly.

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