5 Most Common Health Issues Among Creative People

Being creative is a fantastic opportunity to build a better world for yourself. Creativity is the realm of ideas and arts. Whether you are a creative employee working at a desk or an artist in your free time (or as a full-time vocation), creativity comes in many forms. Unfortunately, highly creative individuals are also more likely to experience health issues linked to their creative work.

Hearing loss

Musicians and singers spend a lot of time surrounded by loud sounds. Whether you play in a band on weekends or you love to sing tributes to your favorite artists, you could face harmful decibels. It's essential to wear ear protection when you are a creative musician. You do not need to be a world's famous rock star to be exposed to loud noises. A complete drum kit can produce sounds between 90 and 130 decibels, for example. Audiologists are adamant that prolonged exposure to noises over 70 dB can damage your hearing. So musicians who play gigs or record an album to sell music online need to prioritize hearing health to continue doing what they love for longer.

Back pain

Anybody who works in a sitting position for a long period of time could experience back pain. In the creative field, writers, illustrators, and some musicians, such as pianists, are more likely to suffer from backaches. Learning to care for back health requires time and routine. Indeed, writers and other back pain sufferers must develop a routine to ease pain and bad posture. Stretching and introducing regular physical activities during the day can help reduce risks.


Do all creative individuals work on a screen? Most do. From writers to digital artists, constant screen work can make you feel drained and sore. Screen light can lead to headaches and unpleasant migraines. When reducing screen time is not an option, taking frequent breaks can help your eyes rest. It can be worth investing in screen glasses that can reduce risks.

High blood sugar

Your blood sugar constantly fluctuates during the day. However, the pancreas works hard to control sugar spikes and regulate the glycemic index via insulin production. High carb food and high sugar snacks can increase your blood sugar momentarily. For creative individuals who often work long hours on an improper diet, relying too much and too often on unhealthy food can lead to prolonged blood sugar increase. The coffee and doughnut break doesn't fuel your creativity. In excess, it could put you at risk of prediabetes.


Does creativity make you more vulnerable to mental health issues? Psychologists agree that creative individuals are prone to high anxiety issues because they are an active imagination. Countless artists such as Van Gogh, Munch, or even Woody Allen have described anxiety as a step in their process. Bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and depression are also more frequent among creatives, as the imagination and the thinking process can facilitate mental health disorders. It's important to find an open line of communication with people who can help.

Sleep deprivation

Creative minds are prone to stress, which can keep them awake at night. Many creative individuals also explain their overactive imagination can steal sleep away, leading to sugar rush and anxiety in the long term.

Creative individuals are more likely to experience dramatic health issues that can affect their lifestyles. The key to sharing your creative work with others is learning how to manage health risks in the long term.

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