Advice For Families Moving Because Of Work

You or your partner has had a call from the big boss at work telling you that there’s a job opening up. It’s a great opportunity, the only problem is that you have to move to a new location. When you live alone, opportunities like this are easy to snap up as you have nothing to think about. With a family under your roof, things get harder.

We’ve spoken about the difficulties of relocating before, but today’s post is specifically looking at people who have to move because of work. What should you do in this situation to get the best possible outcome? Here’s one big question that will help you make the right decision:

How long will you need to move for?

In many cases, people move temporarily. This is because there’s a project or job in a different place that only needs your attention for a specific period. This might be a year, two years; who knows?

The duration of your post will determine what you do next. If you’re only going away for a few months or a year, it might be worth moving on your own. There will be plenty of one-bedroom apartments for rent while you work there, and you can move back home with your family when the job is done. It means you’re away from your kids for long periods, but it’s arguably better than moving everyone out of your family home for 12 months or less.

If you have to work for longer, but will still return home, you and your family can move together - but don’t sell your home. Rent it out while you’re away, getting income to help pay the rent on your temporary house in the new location. When the job ends, move back in like nothing happened!

Finally, if you have no clue how long you will be working in the new location, then a full-on relocation will be the best approach. While lots of jobs might be temporary in different locations, there are just as many that are permanent. Perhaps your company has opened a new branch in this new place, and the boss wants you to run it. You could be there for years - decades, even - meaning your whole family will have to move with you. In this case, selling your current home is the best choice, and buying a new one in the new place makes sense.

Asking yourself this question will really help you understand which path to take. If you’re working away from home temporarily, it doesn’t make sense to sell your current house. It doesn’t make sense for your family to come with you if it’s just for a few months either. Look at the job offer, speak to whoever is proposing it, and get to know if there’s a time limit or not. If there isn’t, your best bet is to relocate to this new location with your family, sell your home, and start a new life in this new place.

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