Don't Let The Cats Have All Of The Furniture! Protect It!

Do you have any fuzzy, feisty, feline family? We do. We have four. I know I have told you about all of these guys before but, I would love to take a moment to reintroduce you to them all again.

Hairy. Hairy is the elder of the crew, he's 6 now. His whole name and don't ask why Hairy Puppy Potter. He is a bit stubborn and lazy. He has always been pretty mild-mannered as long as no one gets in his way. He's not much of a snuggler with the other kitties but if one of our body parts gets into his area of lounging, he might snuggle it, if we're lucky. His favorite place to nap is at the end of the bed and likes to stay there for most of the day.

Sophia- a very sophisticated kitty now, 1 1/2 years old. Her name is just a coincidence. She was the first little quarantine kitty that we got. She is so sweet and loving all of the time but will gladly harass the other cats (including Hairy) for no reason at all. She will hide and pounce on these guys while they're asleep. I am just here to tell you, a purse strap is not thick enough to hide her whole body even if she is in crouch mode.

The twins are also 1 1/2 years old. The sweet baby tiny twins. They came to us as a surprise a few months into the first wave of shut down. We had just gotten Sophia adjusted and we got a tiny girl, MJ, and a tiny boy, Fats. They were less than a week old (eyes did not open all the way yet) and their mama was killed by a coyote. They were 4oz and 6oz at their first vet visit. A HUGE thank you to Valley River Humane Society in Cherokee County NC for accepting them as patients and helping us get them where they needed to be.

There were no available nursing mommy kitties at the shelter and no one available to care for them so they told us if we could care for them they would help with the vetting and be available for any questions. That's when we decided to make it happen. 2 1/2 months of no sleep to get them out of their baby phase.

I am here to say, the 3 little guys run through the house like a tornado all of the time. They springboard off of everything including us people. There isn't a surface in the house that they are safe from their tiny little nails and shenanigans. I can't even fully list the stuff they have destroyed by having such crazy legs. The biggest thing is the end of our bed. They have scratched the mattress cover off of the mattress. Our boxspring has exposed wood on one side. 

We were looking for something to keep the rest of our furniture safe from their little vicious paws. We found PURRRFECT PAWZ Cat Furniture Protector, Anti Cat Scratch Furniture Protector on Amazon and have been getting the last laugh ever since. 

The 8 sheet pack of vinyl scratch deterrent with 42 coil upholstery push pins is the perfect thing to keep their little paws to themselves, at least off the furniture.  Each sheet is 17 x 11 x 0.15 inches. The push pins are easy to get started and hold very well. If you have curious kitties like ours, you will know how important good pushpins are. 

Traditional push pins have knob ends and they chew them off. The pushpins that come with the Cat Furniture Protector kit have a textured edge and a sharp point to help them twist right into the upholstery without having to use other tools or worrying about ripping the fabric. You can add the scratch-proof pads to any surface successfully. 

One thing that is really cool about the furniture protector is it is not sticky on the outside. It is semi-sticky on the backside, just sticky enough to hold it to the surface.  You can put it on smooth or fuzzy furniture and it will work the same. Since it's not sticky on the front of it, it will not attract cat or dog hair. It's clear so you won't have to worry about losing the color of your fabric or losing pieces of the material. It's a win-win all the way around. 

The cat scratch protectors can be used as a whole piece or adjusted into smaller pieces. You can cut it into shapes to fit the specific space you need to cover. The thin construction of the vinyl makes it very bendy so you can easily wrap corners to keep everything safe from your feline family members. . When you use it as a corner protector, be sure to use the pins. 

One more bonus I want to share with you before I publish... Right now the PURRRFECT PAWZ Cat Furniture Protector is on sale for 35% off making it only $25.95 (from $39.95). In addition to the 35% sale, you can click an additional 5% off on the product page that will apply in the cart. That's a total of 40% off each set of furniture protectors. That brings the total down to $24.65 (from $39.95).

You can protect your furniture easily and within seconds with the PURRRFECT PAWZ Cat Furniture Protector set. 

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