Three Reasons To Get Your Child Involved In Sports

After spending over a year in the house, it can feel difficult to break out of that indoor slump you and your family might have worked yourselves into. Resuming regular life as it was pre-pandemic is no mean feat; it’s hard to relearn the hectic, everyday life that used to be second nature to us. However, with this reset comes an opportunity to make some changes. Who says life has to go back to how it was before the lockdowns and the quarantines- why not take this opportunity to turn it into something even better?

Now is the perfect time to set your child up with brand new habits that will stick with them for life. And what better way is there to do this than to get them involved with a brand new sports team? Exercise works wonders on your physical and mental wellbeing and getting a start on building such routines from a young age will guarantee that your child grows up happy and healthy. It doesn’t have to be complicated; there are a number of quick, easy, and cheap ways to let your child build such foundations that are sure to persist throughout the rest of their lives.

1. Sports help teach socialisation

Sports can help work wonders on your child’s communication skills, teamwork, and even emotional regulation. Whether these be team sports (such as football, netball, or hockey) or solo sports (such as badminton or track), studies have shown that either can have positive effects.

These skills, if developed early, can follow your child far into adulthood and help them succeed in the workplace, academia, and everyday life.

2. Physical exercise can improve mood and physical wellbeing

It’s no secret that physical exercise is one of the best things you can possibly do for your body. For the small price of a pair of football gloves or a hockey stick, you may successfully revolutionise your child’s life. Not only will developing a healthy relationship with exercise help your child keep their body in peak physical condition (in fact, exercise has been proven to help reduce risk of heart disease, stroke, and cancer!) but it will help keep their mental health at an all time high as well.

With a solid combination of exercise and a healthy diet, you can rest easy that your child is living their best possible life.

3. It’s fun!

While it might be the most obvious side effect, it’s one that can’t be overlooked. Your child deserves to have the most fun possible while they’re still young- and if that means picking up a sport or three in their spare time, it is entirely worth it. There’s never a reason not to try something new- you never know, what begins as a new sport once a week might even lead to a lifelong talent or career!


While it often can be hard to find time for extracurriculars in your child’s life, sports are definitely worth the effort. The myriad of health and social benefits that picking up such an activity might bring can be potentially life-changing in the best possible way. You never know until you try!

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