3 Hobbies That Are Good For Your Mental Health

If improving your health is part of your 2022 resolutions, then you are on the right track to improving your quality of life. Ever since the pandemic, a focus has been placed on the healthcare delivery system in a way that is projected to improve processes. Unfortunately, when people think about health, mental health is usually the last aspect they consider. However, mental health-related issues are very common, with over 50% of people expected to have a mental illness diagnosis at some point in their life. Fortunately, something as simple as taking up a hobby can improve your mental health. Here are a few to consider.

Start a small garden

Hanging out in nature has several benefits for your mental health. It helps improve your mood, release stress, and improve your self-esteem. Watching a plant grow into something beautiful from just a small seed can encourage you to be more optimistic. And it’s even better when you’re a part of the process. Especially for people who like to have control over things, gardening is a good place to channel that energy since life can be very unpredictable. The deliberate action of watering, nourishing, and taking care of a garden can center you, which can also positively affect other aspects of your life. It also allows you to get your hands dirty, which is a good break from keeping it together when you’re in society.


Moving your body improves circulation, which is good for your mind. If walking or exercising seems boring or mundane to you, then try dancing. Fortunately, you don’t need to be a trained dancer to participate. All you need to do is find the music you can move to. Learning how to dance is also a good idea as developing a new skill is a great way to boost your self-esteem. And joining a class will also give you a better sense of community, which is also good for your mental health.

Learn to play an instrument

Much like dancing, learning to play an instrument boosts your self-esteem. Aside from that, it is a great outlet for uncomfortable emotions. According to some, playing an instrument helps them pour out or express what they feel inside. And when you play with friends, you can connect with them, lowering your lonely feelings and helping you relieve stress. It might be challenging for you to learn such skills as an adult. For example, someone who took online guitar lessons as a child may have an advantage over you. But the good news is that there is no expiry date on learning.

There are many fun and engaging hobbies you can try in your spare time, and these are just a few examples. You can choose based on your lifestyle and preference as one thing may not work for everybody. But in everything, the aim should be to reduce stress and put your mind in a good place to allow you to live your best life.

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