8 Ways to Keep Your Toddlers Busy

Youngsters are adept at commanding attention and there’s no doubt that toddlers know exactly how to keep you on your toes! Of course, even the most engaged parents need sure-fire ways to keep their kids occupied while they catch up on chores, prepare a meal or enjoy a cup of coffee. To simplify your home life, take a look at these eight ways to keep your toddler busy and start putting them into action right away!

1. Number Matching

Any activity that keeps your toddler occupied and helps them learn critical skills has got to be good and this is one ‘game’ that will do just that. One of the easiest preschool counting activities to set up is simply asking your child to count out a certain number of objects. Whatever you have laying around at home will work well, so keep hold of buttons, counters, or even beans so you can always bring out this same when you need it.

You can write numbers on a piece of paper, print them out in advance or stick felt numbers onto a paper plate if you want to make things a little more colorful. Then, ask your toddler to put the correct number of objects next to the number and let them practice their counting skills.

2. Edible Sensory Play

Sensory play refers to activities that engage the senses and it has many benefits, including building nerve connections in the brain, developing problem-solving skills, and improving motor skills. With edible sensory play, you won’t have to worry about your toddler putting things into their mouth, which makes it an ideal activity for keeping them occupied when you’ve got one eye on something else.

Cereals, like rice puffs, or small dried fruits, can be a great option for edible sensory play. Simply pour some into a large bowl and give your toddler scoops and spoons of different sizes and a few containers to transfer them into. If you want to up the ante, add a little yogurt to the mix and let them experiment with combining the ‘ingredients’.

Of course, this is one activity that inevitably gets a little messy so set your tot up in suitable clothing and lay down a protective playmat before you get started.

3. Wipe Clean Flash Cards

If your kids love to draw, wipe clean flash cards will keep them entertained for longer than you think. Give your toddler a stack of cards, a dry erase marker, and some paper towels and they’ll have fun creating new images before wiping them off and starting over. If you want to avoid any mishaps with markers, opt for washable dry erase markers that can easily be moved from clothing or fabric!

4. Reusable Stickers and Books

Single-use stickers can be frustrating for youngsters and adults alike. As well as being hard to remove from anything once they’ve been stuck down, toddlers can also find it difficult to peel the stickers off of their backing. However, reusable stickers tend to be easier for young hands to work with and they’re easy to peel off of any surfaces too.

If you want to keep your toddler busy for a while, gift them a sticker book and a selection of reusable stickers to illustrate the story. Alternatively, let them go wild with reusable stickers around the house, safe in the knowledge that you can remove them in seconds.

5. Paint with Paint Sticks

If your toddler loves to paint but you dread the mess that follows, you’ll love paint sticks. They’re used in the same way as crayons, but they deliver a ‘watercolor’ finish on the paper. Your child will get all of the fun of a painting session, but you won’t have to worry about the clean-up afterwards. What’s more – paint sticks are generally easy to remove from surfaces and fabrics, so you won’t have to worry too much if your toddler decides to ‘decorate’ when your back is turned!

6. Play with Kinetic Sand

If you don’t mind your kid making a little mess while they play, kinetic sand is a great way to keep them entertained. It’s regular sand that’s coated with silicone oil, which means that it stays together. Your tot can mold the sand, form it into shapes and even build sandcastles at home when you have a stash of kinetic sand to hand.

You can make your own kinetic sand using regular sand, corn starch, and water but it’s widely available in toy stores and craft stores. In fact, you can purchase kinetic sand in a range of bright colors, which youngsters love. Another great option if you want your child to benefit from sensory play, kinetic sand is always a hit with preschoolers.

7. Color Matching

When you’re looking for a quick and simple activity to keep youngsters busy, color matching is an easy but entertaining option. Grab a bunch of multicolored options, such as bricks or buttons, and ask your toddler to sort them by color. To make things a little more interesting, draw circles on a large sheet of paper and color them in with different shades. Then, ask your kid to place the objects on the corresponding color on the sheet.

8. Racetrack with Tape

For kids who love toy cars, creating a racetrack out of tape is a fun way to keep busy. Find a flat surface, like a laminate or wood floor, and stick some tape down to create a racetrack. Then, encourage your toddler to get their toy cars out and zoom them along the racetrack. From circuits and loops to custom tracks around your kitchen, you can be as creative as you like when you’re designing the track!

Keep Toddlers Interested with Fresh Activities

Finding activities that your toddler enjoys may not be too difficult, but they’ll soon get bored if you try the same thing too regularly. To keep youngsters engaged, be sure to rotate activities regularly so that they’re always eager and excited to take part.

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