Messy Bun Hair Piece by YOGFIT

Styling your hair can be such an adventure. There are so many options to choose from no matter what the length or color. For me, it's always a toss-up- down or up. 85% of the time my hair is pulled up to keep it out of my face if I am working, shopping, or cooking; anything like that. 

My hair is at a weird length right now. I can do a lot of stuff with it but, it's so flat and straight that I usually end up throwing it into a ponytail or bun just to get it out of the way. I have middle-length hair, I think. It's not short and it's passed my shoulders. But since it's not to my butt, it's not quite long yet. Isn't that so weird? There are only 3 inches between short and medium but 18 inches from medium to long. The length of my hair is such an in-between, grown-out stage that it makes me crazy most of the time. 

I am speaking from my experience only but, my hair can make or break me sometimes. I know I'm not the only one that wants to scream trying to make my hair do what I want it to. That is exactly why I have flat straight hair. After I wash it, I brush it while it's wet, let it air dry, and ta-dah!!!! It's done!!!! All-day hair with minimal work! 

That's great BUT...

When I put it in a ponytail it's flat and straight. When I put it in a bun it's a tight little button-sized bun that is thin. No frills. No fabulous look. I can honestly say, I am jealous of all those full puffy mess buns. The ones that look so effortless and perfectly unperfect. Naturally, I don't have any of that. 

I do have something just as awesome though...

I just had the opportunity to work with YOGFIT on a review of their Bun Hair Piece and all I can say is wow! The first time I tried it on, I was so impressed that it looked so natural on my hair I couldn't believe it. What makes it even better, my beautiful daughter, the one with all of the beauty tips and tricks, natural everything, didn't realize it wasn't my hair! 

To set the scene, I was sitting at my desk, just like I am now typing on a post. I had the bun wig on my bun because I wanted to see how it fit/felt wearing it and she walked into the room. We were talking about the post I was writing and mid-way through she asked if I was using different hair products. I wasn't even thinking about the bun, I was thinking maybe my hair was frizzed up or something. She walked over and touched my bun and was like Wow, did Abby (my oldest daughter) fix your hair for you? I immediately laughed and plucked the bun wig off. 

The look on her face was priceless She said "Woah, I was not prepared for that!" She couldn't believe how natural it looked on my head and how perfectly it matched my hair. On top of that, it passed the feel touch without even asking for it. I am just as surprised and as happy about it as she is. 

What is the YOGFIT Messy Bun Hair Piece?

For my hair, I chose the Medium Brown color. My hair is dyed and never the same color twice in a row, mostly because I can never remember while I'm at the store which color it was that I used previously. With the reds and browns in my hair, it blends perfectly. This beautiful messy bun is a hair extension piece that has the perfect amount of lift and messiness to make it look natural in any style.

Color options
  • Beach Blonde
  • Blonde
  • Dark Blonde with highlights
  • Medium Blonde with soft blonde highlights
  • Medium Brown
  • Off Black

Lightweight: Approx weight: 65 grams

The weight of the messy bun is super lightweight and feels like natural hair on your head. I have tried hairpieces and extensions that feel like a weight or something heavy and unnatural. That is not the case with this pice. It's so easy to wear and it can be dressed up (it down) for any occasion.

When can I wear the YOGFIT?

You can wear YOGFIT anywhere! Literally anywhere! You can dress it up for a date, wedding, prom, homecoming, or any place that you would want to wear an elegant full updo. You can wear it to work, grocery shopping, out to lunch, or even to the bus stop to pick up the kids. This is the perfect every day, all-day, hairpiece. 

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to make your hair fabulously full, check out the YOGFIT Messy Bun available in 6 colors on Amazon.

I received this product for free as a gift to facilitate this review. If you have any questions please feel free to email me directly. 

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