Should We Stop Buying Diamond Jewelry?

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend - but they’ve come under the spotlight a lot in the last decade or so.

While diamonds have existed for centuries, it’s only recently that we’ve started unearthing and understanding the shady background behind them. You see, diamonds have often been responsible for a lot of wars in the countries that they’re mined. Not to mention the unethical mining practices fueling a lot of diamond companies. As if that wasn’t enough, there have been reports on the devastating environmental impact of diamond mining.

It all comes to the conclusion that diamonds are not great for the planet, and you might be supporting unethical practices if you buy them. So, does this mean we should stop buying diamond jewelry from now on?

Eh, yes and no!

Look for ethical diamonds

These days, jewelry companies are understanding that a lot of diamonds fuel conflicts. They’re also more aware of the terrible working conditions and poor environmental practices involved in the mining process.

Consequently, they look to source more ethical diamonds from trusted suppliers. Companies like Brilliant Earth will sell Beyond Conflict-Free diamonds to the consumer. What does this mean? Well, there’s a regulation that states Conflict-Free diamonds are diamonds that haven’t financed civil wars. Unfortunately, this still means they can be wildly unethical.

So, looking for companies that supply Beyond Conflict-Free diamonds will mean they source products that have better backgrounds. They’re mined ethically, they’re not damaging the environment as much, and they are also free from any conflict. In theory, this means you can support the communities and places that mine diamonds, without worrying about the ethical issues behind them.

Opt for lab diamonds

Alternatively, you could buy lab diamonds instead of traditional ones. This refers to diamonds that are grown in a laboratory, using advanced technology to recreate the mining process. They are still natural diamonds, but the way they’re made is much better for the environment.

Lab-grown diamonds have a far lower carbon footprint, and they also don’t have any of the mining issues surrounding them. This makes them completely conflict-free, and they often look identical to mined diamonds.

The only major difference is that lab diamonds aren’t as rare as some diamonds that are found underground. But, this is actually a benefit for you, the consumer. It means that they are way more affordable, so you can get some gorgeous jewelry at a much cheaper price than normal.

If anything, buying lab-grown diamonds is one of the best money-saving tips of the century. You still get stunning rings and necklaces but at more affordable prices.

To conclude, you don’t need to stop buying diamonds altogether. Instead, you need to change your approach to buying diamond jewelry. Become more educated on the matter and learn about how certain jewelers get their diamonds. Try to find the more ethical options, and you can enjoy this gemstone without having a guilty conscience.

It’s not too dissimilar from buying more sustainable clothing. You’re simply changing your mindset and being more aware of the wider impact that certain industries have on the world.

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