How Do You Keep Up With Your Teen's "On-The-Go" Laundry?

How much do you love doing laundry? Have you ever thought about how fast laundry accumulates? Change plans- change clothes. Switch tasks- change clothes. For our family, even more now because it's summer, more clothes changes! I have so many examples!

When I bring my daughter to school (college summer term 1 just started) she has on a full outfit with a bag of clothes to change into. It's 20-30 degrees hotter in the afternoon than it is in the morning. She changes into shorts by lunch. After school, she likes to go swimming with her sister at the lake. That's a swimming suit plus another change of clothes and a towel. Now that adds in wet clothes on top of the dry clothes she has already changed out of. Then, by afternoon, she comes home and showers and changes into another outfit if it's still early, or a pair of PJs. All of that on an average day without any particular plans. If she's going out with her boyfriend or out to dinner, add a few more clothes into the pile. That's a lot of dirty laundry for one kid in one day!

She was at the point of leaving clothes everywhere and having a hard time keeping up. To be completely honest, I was too. Keeping up with a teenager's laundry is more than a task. SO, with the help of our friends over at JHX Store on Amazon, I have a cool way for her to keep up with all of her dirty clothes and bring all of her clean clothes with her for the day so I don't have to go track her down to give her the blue jeans with rhinestones on the pocket or the pink tank top with the wing gems, not the cherries. She has a good system to keep all of her slean and dirty clothes all together without mixing them. I swear I know her wardrobe better than she does half the time.

The JHX Store has double packs of laundry bags that are super cute and tiny to carry empty and very functional to carry full. She can use them for all of the dirty clothes- even the wet ones- without a leaky bag! This makes my life so much easier for the simple fact that I am only washing dirty clothes. She doesn't have to keep her clean and dirty clothes mixed up in one bag. No more smelly clothes that got left in the car too long. Yay!

Why choose the 2 pack Laundry Bag from JHX? So many reasons! Let me go through my top 5 reasons for going with the JHX Store over the others that are available. 

I just have to say, I love this 2 pack of bags. They have such impressive features from the tiny clip-on pouch to the large capacity laundry bag- you are going to be so impressed. 

Folded Pouch- 6.7 "L x 6.1 "W x 0.25"
Open bag- 24"L x 21"W
Carrying capacity- up to 22 pounds full 
Bag weight- 2.6 oz

Multiple buying options
You can get one or two bags at a time. They are offered in several colors too. This works great for families with several busy people to keep track of their laundry. I picked the black and grey 2 pack but there are other options available. Blue, orange, black and grey in single packs and black or gray in a double pack or the black and gray double pack. As of today (6/4/22) there is a 7% discount on the black and gray pack. I love savings!! 

Built-in carrying pouch
The built-in/attached carrying pouch is placed right on the side of the bag. The whole bag including handles and drawstring fits right inside and is so lightweight (2.6oz) that it attaches to her purse with an aluminum carabiner clip so it's not in the way at all. 

Have I mentioned how awesome this bag is? It has handles on the top so its super easy to carry without taking up arm space. Loop it right up the elbow and you are hands free. It carrys 22 lbs full so you can easily fit a whole load of clothes in there. 

The bag has a drawstring at the top that secures everything inside so there is no messes! 

This is the perfect bag for wet or dry clothes. 

This laundry bag fits absolutely every single situation you can think of. It can easily clip to any purse, backpack, diaper bag, stroller, or tote bag you can think of. Not only that, it will easily fit in the pocket it just toss it in to any bag if you want to go that route. I love how convenient this laundry bag is to use for every day living! 
  • Travel
  • Student
  • Multiple jobs
  • Gym
  • Sports
  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Beach day
  • Overnights
  • Day out with the kids
  • Diaper bag add on
Machine washable
Does it get any better than this? When you are done filling the laundry bag simply empty it into the washer and toss the bag in too! If you want to that is. It's machine washable and dryable. When it's all done you can put your clean clothes in the bag or put the bag away for the next use. It's so simple!

Thanks to JHX Store, I can save time and money with these awesome laundry bags. I have less laundry to wash because the dirty clothes are separate from the clean clothes. I'm saving money by using fewer laundry supplies because I'm only washing the dirty clothes. 

Check out the JHX Store on Amazon and see what laundry bag fits your lifestyle best!

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