JHX Shoes Bag Review- Available on the JHX Store on Amazon

Traveling is always so much fun. One question- How do you travel with your extra shoes? For a long time, I would throw them in the back seat or throw them in a bag in with my clothes so they wouldn't get dirty. That didn't always work out the best for me. My clothes would end up smelling like my shoes (gross) or would end up with dirty shoe prints on my clothes. 

I know for me, I like to travel with my comfy shoes on but I like to make sure I have shoes that match my clothes and the events I will be doing. I'm not going to wear my slides to a dinner party or house shoes to a wedding. So, since I am bringing extra shoes and I don't want them damaged or to damage my clothes, I need a way to transport them.

First, I would like to tell you a few of the ways I have failed with traveling with my shoes and why the JHX Shoes Bag is the BEST option for successful traveling with shoes. 

Putting them in the back seat-
Putting the shoes in the back seat is always a great way to keep them handy but it's a great way to lose them unexpectedly at gas stations rest stops stores when you're not expecting it. Leave it to me to lose my entire bag of belongings somewhere on a highway between Illinois and Kentucky. When I arrived in North Carolina, I literally had the clothes I was wearing and nothing more. So I can say I literally started over with the clothes on my back, not fun at all.

Putting them in your luggage-
Putting your shoes in your luggage or duffel bags is a great way to keep everything in one place. Everything is one place you don't have to worry about losing it. But, you do have to worry about getting shoe prints on all your clean clothes. I don't know how it happens but, even clean shoes will still leave marks on your clothes. There's nothing like having a pretty pastel dress with dirty shoe prints on the side, and nowhere to wash your laundry until you get home. Imagine having the cutest outfit ever, and smelling like a gym bag. Also, no fun! There's nothing like that old sneaker smell and not being able to get rid of it. 

So you see the problem I'm having, shoes need to be in their own place. Look at my JXH Shoe Bag!! I love it and the features of the bag are perfect for every situation and person in the family!

My favorite features:
Dual features for both sides-
Both sides of the bag are set up the same way. They both feature a vent, zipper closure, and the extra side has little snaps to keep it securely closed when it's not in use. 
Two pairs of shoes in one convenient bag- this is a feature I really love! 2 pairs of shoes in one bag without getting each other dirty or dented. 
Easy to use design- everything about this bag is easy to use. 
Zipper access- the zipper access- is fully open so I don't have to cram my shoes into an opening that's too small.
Vent- both sides of the shoe bag have a vent to let fresh air in the bag. 
Everyone in the family's shoes will fit! This bag holds shoes up to a size 13.5. Everyone in the house can use this bag when they need to! Dress shoes (with a heel), sneakers, or boots that will fit.
Easy access pockets on the exterior- The bag's exterior has a thin deep pocket that is perfect for identification, cards, cash, you name it! 

Snap closure for space saver- The snap closure will keep the bag secure on one side so it doesn't take up unnecessary room.
Clip-on- The bag comes with a dual clip to secure the bag closure with an additional clip. It also has a clip to clip it to any other bag that you are traveling with like a duffel, tote, backpack, or luggage.
Accordion-style closure this bag has a "fold-in" style to keep it nice and neat while in use for one pair of shoes or while waiting to be used. 
Available in different colors- Blue, Black, Gray, and Pink

This is such an awesome shoe bag for traveling and daily use. Traveling in an airplane or just going to sports practice or a game, going to the gym, or walking to work and needing different shoes, the JHX Store has the right bag.

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