Time Efficient Workouts To Get The Most Out Of Your Exercise

Exercise is commonly one of those activities that can get pushed to the back of the to-do list. Something that is not ranking important enough to ‘make time for’ or feature high enough that other tasks get bumped down the importance scale. Although there could be many reasons for this, one of the most common excuses for not exercising is ‘I don’t have time’. The good news is, that no longer has to be the case. There is a whole range of time-efficient workouts available that can see your workout last under 30 minutes and still produce dramatic results. Here are some examples of workouts that will have you fighting fit in less than 30 minutes a day.


All hail the high-intensity interval training sessions. A long-standing favorite of personal trainers and exercise buffs, HIIT training is a guaranteed way to spike your heart rate, torch fat, and burn calories. While it may not be the easiest form of exercise, the good news is you do not have to do it for long to reap the benefits. As little as 20 minutes can be enough. What is more, there are so many different types of HIIT workouts it can leave you with an incredibly diverse fitness schedule you will not get bored of.

Hot workouts

Hot workouts such as those championed by HOTWORX can see your workout complete in as little as 15 minutes. As your body temperature rises the natural effect is to speed up your metabolism, seeing you reap more rewards than a HIIT or spin class in average temperatures. Another great advantage is that your warm-up time is reduced and your muscles warm and loosen much quicker in a hotter environment. Stepping inside a HOTWORX sauna will see you achieve more workouts, in less time.

Full-body workouts

When undertaking strength training or muscle building a typical approach will be to target certain muscle groups each session. The effects and benefits of this are certainly plentiful and if you have the time it is a great means of exercise. That said if you are time-poor and looking for a more efficient means of exercise then your sessions might be better spent undertaking workouts that move and target all the muscle groups in the body. Examples of full-body workout exercises are weighted squats into a shoulder press, planks, push-ups, and walking lunges with bicep curls.

Interval runs

Interval runs are a fantastic way of increasing your cardiovascular fitness quickly and burning copious amounts of calories in the process. The great thing about interval running is that you only need 20 minutes (at most, for many 10-15 minutes is likely to suffice) and you can do it on the treadmill or out and about. Set yourself an interval timer. You can choose the duration of intervals but a good rule of thumb is to use 20:20 or 20:30. During the first 20 seconds, you will need to sprint as fast as you possibly can, with 100% maximum effort. You then take the next interval to rest and recover (but keep moving). You repeat this for anywhere between 10-20 minutes.

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