iMethod Beauty Perfect Eyebrows In Seconds Review

Have you ever really looked at your eyebrows and noticed how they can change your expression without doing anything other than sitting on your face? I think it can be pretty funny at times myself. I know my eyebrows have gotten me into more situations than any other facial feature I have. I just got the iMethod Beauty Perfect Eyebrows in Seconds Stencil Kit and can't believe how easy it is to make my eyebrows perfect every time in just seconds! 

Before I get too far into this, just know, that you are beautiful no matter what color or shape your eyebrows are. This post is all just to show you how I found my favorite color and shape of eyebrows with the iMethod Beauty Perfect Eyebrows in Seconds Stencil kit and what I like for myself. I would love it if you would show me your favorite shapes and colors. 

Hopping into the Way Back Time Machine...

I have chosen to wax my eyebrows for the past 10 years or so. I am not so great at shaping them and making them look even, I have always needed help with this. I know that I go to professionals to have my waxing done but I can tell you from first-hand experience, that even professionals get it wrong occasionally. I am laughing as I type this because a few very comical but impactful stories come to mind. I have always had a very expressive face and my emotions aren't very hard to guess accurately.

So, here it goes...  

My first time shaping my own eyebrows with tweezers:

So picture this, in the mid-'90s a determined 15-year-old that was wonderfully inspired to have great eyebrows. Please keep in mind, that I wore prescription glasses. I am near-sighted in one eye and far-sighted in the other. Glasses are important especially if I am attempting anything in detail like drawing, reaching, walking, tweezing the accenting features off of my face, you know, regular stuff. So I set the stage. I get my mom's tweezers out of her makeup bag. The No-No zone in the bathroom. Unzipping that beast made me feel like I was going to be grounded for doing something too womanly for my own good. I should have stopped there but like I said, I was determined and inspired. Nothing was going to stop me from those perfectly shaped arches that could frame my big green eyes and land me popularity only naturally perfect people would know. My bar was obviously set high and my confidence was roaring like a lion as I approached the super bright bathroom mirror. I could see every strand of hair in my unmanicured brows and I was coming for them.

I rested my elbow on the wall in front of me so I had a guide, that didn't last past the first tweeze. With the very first pluck, I dropped the tweezers, exhaled and growled at the same time, and grabbed my eyebrow with my palm thinking that would stop the stinging. I was going to do this- too late to turn back now- you can do this Amy! You are a bad a** and YOU DESERVE AWESOME EYEBROWS! I know if I walked out of the bathroom after that ruckus and red face- I'd be busted for sure. I'm going to do this! Mom will understand when she sees my perfect brows.

I scoot in close and start rapid plucking. I feel like the Edward Scissorhands of the forehead region putting together the masterpiece of all masterpieces. I am in the zone cleaning up stray hairs here and there, making my arches perfectly matched. When I feel like I have superbly finished the task I back up and take a look at what I have done.

I put my best posture into it with my smile on perfect and all I can think is WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?! AND my eyebrows were the first to know. My eyebrows looked like they were expecting it. My eyes were so puffy, red, and watering. My face felt like I had been hit with sandbags. and I looked surprised. Without trying!

I cleaned them UP alright. I plucked the underside of my brows so high and did such a good job on the arch that my brows resembled Halloween cats. I looked so surprised- At EVERYTHING. In all actuality, I was surprised! I was surprised that the zoomed-in version with my face 2 inches from the mirror was so perfect but 3 feet from the mirror I looked like I was just nominated for class president and didn't know there was an election- if you could imagine that surprise?!

There is no hiding that. There was nothing in my mom's bag of magic tricks that would come close to repairing the damage. Not only did I search her makeup bag, but I also did it in a frantic way that she was going to know I was in it. WHAT WAS I THINKING! If there was a slim chance in hell that she didn't notice my eyebrows being broken she WAS going to notice the makeup was not in the right place. She could look at her makeup bag on the counter and know by how it was sitting if it had been moved. WE KNEW not to touch it. SHE KNEW if we did. I was screwed! 

Back then there was no such thing as googling a fast fix. No tutorials to watch. Either you had someone to show you, you figure it out on your own, or you pay a professional. I couldn't even get to the phone in the living room to call my best friend to ask for quick beauty tips. My aunt was the only one I knew that could help me and she was 750 miles away and I didn't even have her phone number- it was in my mom's phone book- Next to her- NEXT TO THE PHONE- 2 rooms away! AND back then, no such thing as unlimited long distance. Mom would know as soon as the bill came in that I made a desperate call at $0.26 per minute. All of that thought put into that phone bill that wouldn't come in for a month like my mom wouldn't notice as soon as I walked into the room that half of my expression was missing.

It was a lot of razzing and laughing and an epic fail that stuck with me for a lifetime. I am a little bummed that I don't have a photo memory. I am sure I would have cried back then if anyone had proof but my older more mature self would love to have that hazardous photo to share and scare my daughters with.

When the professional fails...

So the scene for this event was in a time crunch before work. I was just starting my blog and working in a local deli. I had been working on my website all day and I had to clock in at work at 4. The salon could get me in at 3:30. Perfect because I only worked 5 minutes away from the salon. When I got there the lady knew I was in a hurry but I am a regular here and they are always fast, it works out great. This was my first time with this specific stylist and she seemed pretty cool. She was chatty and kept the conversation going. My mustache was the first to go, zip zow- done.

She jumps to my brows and rips the pelt from my face like it's a prize. As she finishes up she's talking about her eyebrows being thin and needing to shade them in and uses some pencil that has a perfect match to hers and she can show me if I want. I was thinking free advice is great and I thanked her but I was in a time crunch and don't shade my brows anyway.

With 10 minutes to spare she hands me the mirror as I'm fumbling through my purse for my wallet. I do a quick scan and I only had one eyebrow! I screamed. I had two eyebrows when I got there. They were a bit messy and needed to be fixed but there were definitely TWO of them. What do I do with this? 

After crying and further examining my face, I had a smidge of an eyebrow but it was so thin I could barely see it. I needed more than a pencil, I needed a brow-pee. I had no time to fix it. I had to suck it up and immediately deal with my choices because I had to get to work. When I was done being sad and mad it was REALLY funny. Every time I caught a glimpse of myself it cracked me up. 

All that being said, I hope you are laughing along with me. Now that my eyebrows have grown in successfully and I can manage them like I need to, I want to tell you about a beauty hack that I just found out about that I think you will love too. It's the eyebrow stencil kit from IMETHOD and the brilliant pomade. 

How do you get your eyebrows perfectly all the time?

The perfect way to get eyebrows perfect every single time is with a stencil. They will perfectly match each other and can perfectly match your face. Pro Tip- align your stencils. I have a bad habit of sitting with my head tilted so I always get them crooked.

I had the opportunity to work with iMethod Beauty and was super excited. I had watched several videos on other people's experiences and it made me super excited to try it out and show it to you guys. It's new to me so I am excited to try something so simple and useful. I always pictured stencils to be a bit more work but it's really easy to do and lasts all day. There are options in the kit so you can find your perfect shape in seconds. 

What came in my iMethod Beauty haul?

I received a whole collection of goodies from iMethod Beauty so I can discover which eyebrow shape and color are the best for me. Hopefully, you can see which shape and color are best for you.  2 perfect Eyebrows in Seconds and 2 additional pomades! Yay! I got colors 2,3,4, and 10

What comes in the Perfect Eyebrows in Seconds package?

Each kit comes fully equipped to handle your eyebrow needs. You will see several stencil shapes that will work with your specific face shape and style. 
  • The Ultimate Brow Set
  • Stencils
  • Pomade (4g/0.14Oz.)
  • Sponge Brush
  • Dual-Ended Spoolie & Angled Brow Brush
Everything in the kit is enclosed in a zipper pouch that is perfect for any makeup bag, the beauty counter, or even in the purse for on-the-go brows. Seriously- In Seconds!!

Me personally, I wasn't sure which color would look best on me so after speaking to one of iMethod Beauty's representatives we decided on the 4 best colors to fit me. I chose colors 2, 3, 4, and 10. 

How do you know what shape to use for your own eyebrows? 

Face shape plays into your best eyebrows shape. This is actually a lot of research guys. I have always loved nice arches on my face but, that isn't always the best choice for everyone. I have a huge forehead that makes me very insecure. I wear my hair down a lot to try to hide it. There is no real hiding it. I would need 10-inch bangs (not really) to mask it and I don't know how to wear bangs. SO, with my insecurities being all over my face, my eyebrows help, as long as they are on the right way. 

Shaped eyebrows can help you achieve balance for those natural features that you want help adjusting. 

Here is what I have found for face shape recommendations:

Oval- Shallow arches and soft angled brows
Square-  strong and bold brows
Heart- Low arches for a long face, high arches for a short face
Diamond- Rounded brows for a less wide appearance
Long- Flat brows  
Round- Lifted angled brow

I have a long oval face. So going based on the recommendations, I have options and need to find what works best for me. I would like to shorten the look of my face without making it look too rounded. That's why I love the stencils that came with the iMethod Beauty set. I can try all of the eyebrows without having to learn a million techniques. Stencil and go- WOOHOO!

Same with the color. I have naturally medium-colored hair with reds.  It's dark but not too dark but with highlights, it takes on the blonde really well. I thought I had black eyebrows my whole life until a few years ago, I thought everyone had black eyebrows or blonde eyebrows. They do not! Look closer, they are all different shades! iMethod Beauty gets it! They have you covered with eight shades of pomade!
  • Dark Brown
  • Brown
  • Blonde
  • Light Brown
  • Black Brown
  • Reddish Brown
  • Ash Brown
  • Taupe
I wasn't sure of the color that would look best on me so they sent over Taupe, Blonde, Brown, and Dark Brown. I was so surprised by how well they all looked on! Hair color and makeup colors can play a huge part in your best look so go with your best choice. 

How to use iMethod Beauty Eyebrow Stencil and Pomade

You guys, this is the easiest thing I have ever put on. The directions are literally as easy as it looks. 
  • Open your package and admire the packaging (that's what I did)
  • Check out all of the stencils (10 stencils in total)
  • Get comfortable with your tools- sponge, brush, and spoolie
  • Align your stencils with your natural brow
  • Dip the sponge in the pomade and tap off the excess
  • Starting with the outer tip, dab on the pomade towards the inner edge. Pay attention to the short/long section
  • Use the spoolie to brush your eyebrow and the brush to fill in the sparse areas to fill it in. 
  • Look at your perfect eyebrows! 

I can't wait to hear how much you love it! You can find iMethod Beauty Perfect Eyebrows in Seconds and other stencils all over on TikTok and Instagram. You are going to be so impressed if you're not already. I LOVE this product and all of the colors!

I received these products for free as a gift to facilitate this review. If you have any questions please feel free to email me directly.  

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