Reasons Why You Should Stop Trying To Buy a Dream Home

Many people subscribe to the idea that somewhere out there, you can find a dream home that ticks all of your boxes. While it’s a romantic idea to save up your money for that dream house, we believe the reality is that a dream house doesn’t exist. In fact, people that search for their dream house and put off buying their own home might face some disadvantages compared to people who are content with buying a less-than-perfect house.

So in this post, we’re going to take a look at some reasons why you should stop trying to buy a dream home, but also how you can be content with the options available to you.

Your choice of homes will be limited to where you can move to

If you run your own online business and work from home then sure, you might be able to justify moving anywhere in the world just to pursue your dream home. That’s entirely possible and we wouldn’t put it past anyone to actually live that kind of lifestyle. However, for everyone else, the idea of moving to a brand new country or even city is virtually impossible due to their work commitment. If you have a job that you commute to, then you really can only move within a certain radius of your workplace. Alternatively, you could find another job, but that’s still going to limit you within a certain area. The exception here is if you’re able to get a job in a location where you believe you can find your dream home.

The point here is that it’s fairly unlikely that your dream home is somewhere close to you. It’s far more likely that you’re probably going to find your dream home (or rather, anything close to it) in another city or country. In fact, your ideal home could be somewhere so remote that you won’t be able to find a suitable job after you move. In other words, you’re probably going to be extremely limited to where you can or cannot move to, thus preventing you from ever finding a dream home unless you’re willing to change your career.

Dream homes are built, and that usually means renovation

Getting a dream home is certainly possible if you built your home from scratch, but that usually involves a lot of renovation work unless you decide to buy a plot of land and then build a home on top of it. For example, you might find that your patio doors are a little too small and you’d much prefer a more open space to let air in but also to create a more seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. If this is the case, then Renewal by Andersen sliding doors or another similar service can help you achieve the results that you’re looking for. In other words, working with contractors is one of the best ways to ensure that you’re able to slowly build towards your dream home.

While there’s certainly a possibility that a fully built dream home does exist out there, the chances are incredibly low and it’s far more likely that you can achieve your ideal home by building it from scratch or renovating your existing home. In other words; stop trying to buy a dream home and start thinking about how you can build your dream home instead.

Your idea of a dream home is always going to change

When it comes to buying or even building the ultimate home, you have to realize that your preferences are always going to change. One week you might really love the idea of having a conservatory, but then the next week you might think that a large spacious garden with seamless outdoor transitions sounds a lot nicer. You might enjoy the idea of having two kitchens for whatever reason, but then you could realize that it’s going to take a lot of maintenance and cleaning. There are so many unique ideas that you might be interested in and it’ll take some serious investment to pull them off. But sadly, as we look at different kinds of interior design elements and renovation ideas, we might feel like changing things up. As such, our dream home will no longer be a dream home and we’ll be longing for some change.

This is something that can happen all too often. In fact, it’s not uncommon to face buyer’s remorse after getting the keys to your home. You might regret some decisions you made and you might think about moving again already. Sadly, unless you have copious amounts of money, that’s probably not going to happen for many years and you’ll be stuck with the same property for a decent amount of time.

So what can you do to avoid this? Should you just never buy a dream home or is there a way to cope with the possibility of having different preferences?

One way to handle this is to just be content with your home. Perhaps your home might not be perfect, but at the very least it’s not going to fight against you when you try to do something. For example, you might find that the garden is a little too big for you to maintain, but you can remedy this by hiring a gardening service or even paving over some of the lawn with an extended patio so you have less to take care of.

Alternatively, you could also just embrace the idea of an ever-changing home. This is a great idea for people who have some DIY knowledge or do possess enough money to hire a contractor every so often. Just remember that these projects take some time and there’s probably going to be a lot of noise when they’re going on. Just try to choose projects that can easily be reverted or built over. Long-term projects like a swimming pool or house extension aren’t exactly easy to get rid of.

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