Getting Through The Chill With Some Hearty Leftover Cooking

As things get a lot colder outside, it’s going to get a lot harder to venture outside for meals as often, and sometimes even cooking can be a chore when the chill is really setting in. With the tips below, we’re going to look at the meals that are not only hearty, healthy, and delicious, but also allow you to make them in big batches so that you can reheat them the next day. That way, when it really is too cold to cook, you can just pop one of these back in to heat some more and kick your feet up.

Get yourself a slow cooker

One of the kitchen gadgets that everyone should have, a slow cooker can be your best friend when it comes to making low-effort meals in the kitchen that can be readily chilled and eaten again. There are a lot of good pot meals that you can look up, from stews to jambalaya to pot roasts. You don’t often need to do a lot of prep to cook in a slow cooker either, just chop up the ingredients and make sure they cook for as long as they need.

Out the pie back on

There are a lot of households that haven’t yet been able to attest to the power of a nice, savory pie. If that’s you, then one of the easiest places to start is with a delicious chicken pot pie recipe. Although, if you make yourself a pie, then you have to be mindful that you defrost any parts of it that you have frozen thoroughly before you bake it. Pastry can cook poorly if not brought to the right temperature before.

The old favorite

Are there any winter dishes as widely relied upon as a good casserole? Aside from being versatile enough to make with all manner of ingredients, they are super easy to set and forget and reheat really well. Sticking with the same theme, this recipe for chicken pot pie casserole can help you turn a classic pie into a much easier dish. It’s easy to scale casseroles, too, so long as you have a bigger dish to cook in, so you can easily make enough to reheat the next day.

There’s nothing like a tray of lasagna

When it comes to the most comforting and filling meals, what sounds better than a lasagna? All you need is some pasta sheets, cheese, tomato sauce, and meat. There are ways to quickly make lasagna, as well, like this skillet lasagna that doesn’t require quite as much time to construct the whole thing together. Much like a regular lasagna, it’s easy to reheat, too.

With the tips above, you can make sure the whole family stays fed with delicious meals without having to constantly work in the cold. With the tips above, you can prep your meals ahead of time, allowing you to save yourself plenty of time throughout the week while making sure that the family still has hearty and delicious meals.

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