How To Deal With A Muddy Dog

As a responsible dog owner, you’ll be walking your dog at least once and ideally twice (or perhaps even more if they are particularly energetic) a day. In the summer, this isn’t such an issue, but in the winter, when it rains or if you go to a place with water that your dog likes to paddle in, you might find that your canine friend gets very muddy. The problem is that this mud then makes its way into your car and your home and causes a lot of mess.

The good news is there are some great ways to stop this from happening and to ensure your dog doesn’t get quite so messy. Read on for some useful tips.

Have A Wash Station

If you know your dog’s paws are likely to get muddy and potentially make a big mess in your home, it’s a good idea to set up a wash station outside your front or back door (whatever works best).

This should contain a bucket of water (ideally shallow enough to put your dog’s feet into for the best way to clean the mud off), a soft towel, and, if your dog has long fur, a brush too. If you set everything up before you leave the house, you can quickly wash the dirt off, dry their feet, and let them inside with no problems.

Protect Your Car

If you live a little way from the nearest safe place to walk your dog and you therefore have to drive there, you might be worried about your car getting muddy as well as your home. A car full of mud and the smell of wet dog is not a pleasant thing, and if you have to use the same car to take the kids to school or get to work – or even to transport business colleagues – then you really do need to ensure it is protected when you take your dog out.

There are a few ways to do this, but one of the best is to use a special hammock. This will protect leather truck seats not only from mud and dirt but also from scratches that your dog might make with their claws. You can easily remove the hammocks to wash them or when you have passengers.

Keep Their Fur Trimmed

Sometimes nothing can be done about your dog getting muddy. They need exercise, and if the weather is wet and the ground is soft, they’re going to get dirty. The ideas above will certainly help, but something else you can do is to keep their fur trimmed.

When you keep your dog neat and tidy, there will be less surface area for mud to stick to, and they will be easier to clean. Even if you can’t regularly cut most of their fur, keeping their feet trimmed can be ideal, so it is their feet that will get muddiest.

Get Some Dog Booties

With the right "shoes," your dog won't track in dirt and mud. Choose booties for your dog that are made for the kind of outdoor activity they are doing, and start out slowly. Make it a good experience by using positive reinforcement as some dogs don’t enjoy wearing dog booties or even having their feet touched.

As a bonus, not only will these booties keep their feet clean, but they will protect them from thorns, stones, and other sharp objects too.

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