Mason Jar Vacuum from SKYWOT on Amazon

How do you save money when it comes to food? I use all of the best methods I can find as far as coupons and store sales but my biggest struggle is when I get it home. I have been so tired of throwing away my fresh veggies because they don't last as long as I need them to or expect them to for that matter. When I had the opportunity to work with the SKYWOT Store on a review of their Mason Jar Vacuum I knew this was my chance to try something new for our house.

I remember being little and going to help my great grama Velma on her canning days. She canned everything and didn't believe in the convenience of grabbing canned veggies or frozen veggies at the store. She made her own jellies and jams, sour kraut, and she canned everything. She boiled, funneled, lidded, and had everything down to a flawless system that made it all look so easy. That was a tradition that we lost right along with her.

I have to admit, I don't garden or can anything. I would love to but I never learned how. But, I am interested in finding ways to keep the groceries I buy fresher for longer. The biggest one for me is salads. We buy the prebagged salads that we can grab and go when we want them. I have noticed that they are only good for about 24 hours once the bag has been opened. I can't go shopping every day or every other day for that matter. So, the big question is how can I make it last longer?

I did a little research and a sealed salad will last 7-10 days. I can premake salads in mason jars and grab them as we want them and not be without in between shopping trips. The only thing I need to do is add the dressing, shake, and enjoy. This is perfect for our whole family.

My mother-in-law moved in with us recently and her favorite lunch is a salad. Since I work afternoons, she only gets them on my days off. With the mason jar sealing kit, She can have easy fresh salads whenever she wants them. I am so excited about that and so is she.

What comes in the Mason Jar Vacuum Kit-

The kit comes with everything you need to pressure seal your own mason jars, wide and regular mouth jars.

1 x manual air pump 
1 x wide-mouth sealer
1 x regular sealer
1 x hose connector (for Foodsaver vacuum sealer machine)
2 x wide mouth mason jar lids(86mm) and 2 x regular mouth mason jar lids(70mm)
1 x lid opener
1 x user manual

How to use the Mason Jar Vacuum-

Using the mason jar vacuum is so easy that I had a perfect seal in less than a minute! 

Decide the size vacuum you need, put the lid on the jar and put the vacuum head on the jar. 
AAdd the vacuum attachment and hose to the vacuum head. 
Put the open end of the hose into the vacuum pump.
Pump the vacuum until the lid is sealed. 


This is the perfect way to make homemade Christmas gifts too. One year my friend gave me cookie mixes in mason jars and I thought it was so cute! This year we are going to try to do the same. I will be posting videos of our ideas and of course including the Mason Jar vacuuming kit. 

It's so easy I will post a video of how to use and seal the jars with the Mason Jar Vacuum from SKYWOT on Amazon- You are going to love it! 

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