Top Tips for Drying Clothes Inside in Winter

Whether you smoke cigars or you have a preference for marijuana, making your home as smoke-free as possible should be a priority for you. Whether it's to protect your home from the smoke or to protect your family from breathing in, you should do what you can to aim for a smoke-free home.

You can still enjoy your cigars or cigarettes, but if you would help your cigars to breathe with a humidor humidifier, then you should really make sure that your home can breathe, to. Considering the fact that a large portion of the population smoke it makes sense that you would want to keep your home smelling as fresh as possible. You can ask your friends and family to smoke outside your house, and you yourself can smoke outside, but sometimes you just want to light up in front of the TV, so here are some tips to keep your home as smoke-free as possible.

  • Call in a cleaner. Before you can have a fully smoke-free home, you have to think beyond just stopping smoking. Yes, stopping smoking inside will help, but most of the time the scent of the smoke is already embedded in the wallpaper, the carpets, the curtains, and more. You need to make sure that you've gotten rid of all of the traces of thirdhand smoke because it can be just as dangerous for you and for everybody else as smoking directly can. Before you start with your smoke-free policy in your home, you need to make sure that the whole place is free from nicotine residue.
  • It's OK to say no. If you're going to have a party at home, make sure that your guests understand that there will be a designated smoking area outside. They don't have to like it, but they do have to respect it because this is your home. Saying no to people doesn't mean you're being rude, it just means you're protecting your house. If anybody complains, they are either more than welcome to smoke outside, or they are welcome not to come at all. It won't kill them not to smoke for half an hour inside the house.
  • Create your own smoking area outside. With the help of some awning and a good ashtray trash can, you can create a smoking area outside. Make sure that somewhere you have a litter box where they can dispose of cigarette butts and ashes, and make sure that you have a heater under there too just in case people get cold. It should be in a place where the wind will not pick up the smoke and blow it through your windows.
  • Put up no smoking signs. If you want visitors to understand that you do not allow smoking inside your home, put it inside the living room that lets them know about the shelter you have built outside. It doesn't have to be old and boring, and it doesn't even have to be a list of harmful effects, it just has to let people know that you don't allow smoking inside your home.

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