3 in 1 Cat Scratching Post With Cat Feeder Toy Review

Having spoiled pets is something that I am pretty good at. Toys, gadgets, snacks, beds, window beds, and other nifty doodads are something that's not a shock to see all around the house. That's why I am so excited to be writing this post right now. We just got the coolest new addition to our kitties collection. The 3-in-1 Cat Scratching Post from the SMFUSMFU store on Amazon. 

This 3 in 1 cat scratching post with a treat dispenser is something that appeals to all the kitty senses. 
  • Treat dispenser
  • Scratching post
  • Grooming brush

The treat dispenser is a spring-loaded gumball-shaped feeder at the top of the spring that is self-dispensing. Loading it is a breeze too (check out the video below). The spring nestles down into a rubber stopper in the post. It secures in with pressure. The cap of the snack ball goes into the other end of the spring. The ball screws on just like a soda cap. The ball is loadable through the top. 

How I load it is to unscrew the treat ball from the cap, pour in our kitties' favorite treats, bend the spring so I can screw it back on without spilling the treats, and let it go back into position. The holes on both sides of the ball allow for the kitties to play, bat the ball around and get their treats out. 

The treat ball is great for kitties because it allows them to get their own treats and they have to work for them. We use the Temptations treats. They are spoiled to the "shake". They can make their own shake with the treat ball. Since the treats have to be knocked out of the ball, it slows down their eating compared to having the treats in a dish. I have to admit, their bowl of treats has made them pretty lazy. I think I have the snackiest, sleepiest kitties. 

The scratching post is a furniture saver for sure. Our kitties love to scratch stuff. They have scratched up all of our furniture, door frames, and just about everything in the house. They love the cat scratching post! The scratching post is made of sisal rope so they are naturally attracted to it and the texture is safe for their little dagger claws. 

The groomer is awesome! Especially for our kitty Sophie. She LOVES to LOVE everything. The groomer allows her to rub against it anytime. She gets her head and sides all over it making her super happy and playful. 

A great part of the groomer brush is that it helps take off the extra shedding fur. You know how much kitties shed, any help with this is a blessing! 

Want to add in a little more fun time? This awesome kitty fun station comes with a pouch of cat nip that they LOOOOVE!!! It gets them super excited and playful and they nap. It's awesome! This is full entertainment for our feline babies. 

I got the Cat Scratching Post, 3 in 1 Sisal Rope Cat Scratcher with Cat Feeder Toy and Grooming Brush on Amazon. 

I received this product for free as a gift. If you have any questions I would be happy to answer them for you. Email me or contact me with the "contact me" button over on the right side of the page. 

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