Cash Budgeting Made Simple- Three Way Cut Cash Envelope Wallet Review

Cash budgeting can be so hard sometimes. When spending with a card the bank sends a text receipt showing exactly what you have left in the account, how much you spent, and where. With cash, there's no such luck. You have to know what you have or count it to get an exact number. It's very easy to overspend no matter what method you use if you are not careful so, make sure you have a good plan in place. A good plan I just got introduced to is the Cash Envelope Wallet!

When I was 17 I started waitressing and fell in love with the lifestyle. The constant hustle and bustle, customer service, meeting new people every day, and definitely my favorite, cash every day. Coming up with a budget was tricky at first because I was inexperienced and didn't have much guidance when it came to budgeting. 

At first, I would get a bill in the mail waitress and go get a money order to pay it. Sometimes it would take a few days to come up with the correct amount depending on how large the bill was. That became a bit overwhelming when I had several large bills coming due at the same time of the month. 

My next attempted method was the one large bill a week plus a few small bills and see how that went. It actually went a lot smoother. I had rent, electricity, car payment, and insurance as my major bills, and then the little bills like water, credit cards, heat, and a few others as small bills. It was easier but still not the method for me. 

My last method and the one I have stuck with for the most part over the past 25 years, is the envelope system. I added all of my bills to the penny and rounded up when necessary for the fluctuating ones. I needed x-amount of dollars per day to get my bills paid all on time. As long as I put up that amount every single day that I waitressed and didn't touch it, my bills were all paid on time. I had a stack of envelopes and added in where necessary to reach my goals. It worked!  Back then I think my daily requirement was $56 for bills and everything over plus my paychecks were for living expenses; diapers, gas, groceries, leisure, etc. My bills now are 3 times what they were back then, but I don't have the same kinds of daily expenses. It's the same idea just different bills.  

That brings me to the point of this blog post, Cash Budgeting

I just had the opportunity to work with Three Way Cut, they have a cash envelope wallet that makes budgeting so much easier. You can customize your usage completely, I think that's why I love it so much. It has a metal spine inside that allows you to use as little or as many envelopes as you need. I took the time to add it up. 40 bills easily fit in each envelope without putting stress on the envelope flap to the tabs. Most importantly, with 40 bills in 6 envelopes, it zips just fine without bulging. The savings possibilities are endless! If you max this out, you should probably use a safe. For regular budgets like mine, this is perfect! 

I love how easy this wallet is to budget with!

Each envelope has a different pattern and location of the tab. The tabs have a sticker sheet so you can see which envelope you need right away without having to sort and stack. Another awesome thing about the envelope system is the balance sheets are easily accessible. They even thought of the annual balance sheet to track it all. 

This wallet has so much more than just cool perfectly-sized envelopes with tabs. It has a zippered change pocket that is a necessity when dealing with cash. 

It has an ID pocket with a clear window for easy access along with card pockets for easy access and no digging. Have I mentioned yet how easy this wallet is to navigate? It's like a tiny financial trapper keeper! 


This has got to be the best wallet I have ever reviewed. It's definitely the only one like it that I've ever seen. This is the perfect wallet for cash budgeting. Being a waitress, I love this design. There is a place for my cash to go without having to leave it at home. I am in love with this design! 

What comes in the package? 1
2 cash envelopes with built-in tabs 
Annual budget card 
Balance sheet cards 
Wrist wrap strap 
1 Wallet 
Tab sticker sheet 
Three Way Cut Information Card 

The wallet has so many great features. 
Metal ringed spine to securely hold the envelopes in place. 
ID pocket with clear window 
Zippered change pocket 
Card section (holds 14 cards easily) 
Large stash pocket pen holder 

Check out this video for all of the great features of the Three Way Cut Cash Envelope Wallet

Everything about this wallet is perfect for a cash-budgeting person. You don't have to be a daily cash earner to appreciate it either. I know several people that don't use bank accounts for savings/checking. 

This is perfect for anyone that would rather see their finances in cash instead of in the bank. 

I received this product for free as a gift.

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