How to Fall Head Over Heels in Love with Your Own Cooking

Falling in love with your cooking and improving your cooking both go hand-in-hand. You essentially can’t have one without the other. Chances are, you’re in love with home-cooked meals from your parents, grandparents, or even a partner, right? These meals are special, and they taste incredible. So why not have meals like that for yourself? Just imagine, every day, you’re making an incredible meal that you love, and you’re constantly confident because you made it! Well, here are some tips for falling in love with your own cooking!

Read a Lot of Cookbooks

Cookbooks are the key to unlocking a whole new world of meals. There’s something so special about flipping through a cookbook with its scribbled notes and splattered pages, and the fact that each recipe has its own little story tucked in amongst its lines can foster a greater appreciation towards food — especially when that recipe’s author has gone through a lot to create it.

Aside from being a source of inspiration, cookbooks also allow everyone to witness culinary trends waxing and waning, and they give a window into how the food everyone eats can reflect the lives and challenges of those who have created them. Reading them is like a passport to a different life, and it’s an absolute joy to explore. Even for recipes such as pork carnitas, you can expect a dazzling story with a wonderful recipe to go with it.

Create a Meal Routine

More specifically, you should create a meal prep routine for yourself. This is going to help with the dreaded prep time that all cooks tend to have a distaste for. Just keep in mind that all cooking routines have their positives and negatives, but to really get into the flow of things, you can do some things in advance to make it better for you. When you have a prep routine, typically, the meal routine will follow with it, meaning that you’ll know what you’re going to want to have each day, and it’s going to help you get creative with meals too.
Consider a Reward System

It sounds weird, rewarding yourself for cooking for yourself, but this is a good reinforcement to get you to love cooking and to love your cooking too! Cooking is a form of art that not only fills our stomachs but also makes us happy. So, it’s important to reward yourself when you make a breakthrough in your cooking. This can be anything from a small purchase to going out for a meal or even working on a project you normally don’t allow yourself to do. It’s easy to lose love for cooking from time to time, especially when your schedule gets hectic, or you run out of recipe ideas. However, it’s important to reignite your passion for cooking so you can enjoy eating healthy meals at home again!

In general, when it comes to the journey of loving your cooking, you need to reflect on why you love other peoples cooking. Is it the love that goes into the food? Is it the taste, texture, or even how they cook it? Observe all of this as you’re going to want to add these qualities to your meals, too, as this is going to guarantee that you’ll love your cooking too!

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