How to Tell Your Boss Doesn't Care for Your Health

You know that your job matters, right? Well, your employer thinks so, too, but this only lasts as long as you can work well with them. You can bet that if you had to leave your job, your employer would employ someone else for your role the very next day. It’s a sad fact of life that employees are way more loyal to their employers than the reverse, and it’s a shame that even when you are working for your employer, they will have far fewer regards for you than you do for them.

It’s likely that you’re reading this because you are frustrated by the way you are being treated by your employer, and you wouldn’t be alone! You know how to prevent illnesses by the way you look after yourself. You may not know how to prevent hearing loss, and if your boss doesn't care about you enough you’ll find that there won’t be too much in the way of care when you’re on a building site and need protection for your hearing! You deserve to work for an employer who does the right thing by you, but if you need some signs to tell you that your boss doesn't care for your health, here they are:

  1. There are injuries occurring. Are you working on a building site? If so, you might notice that there are injuries as a commonplace occurrence. Every month, an unsafe employer will have plenty of reports building up of injuries and issues and a safe employer won’t have that build up. You will also notice the way that your employer treats your coworkers if there is an injury on site. If people are often off work and recovering at home, it’s a sure sign that your boss doesn't care much for your health.
  2. Suggestions of improvements are being ignored. You need to think whether you want to work for anyone who doesn't put your health and the health of your coworkers first. Aside from the fact you enjoy your job, you have noticed that there are ways to improve how it all goes. You’re bringing these to your boss with the hope that they will see there needs to be improvements made - but they’re falling on deaf ears! Your boss isn't changing the tools used to be safer, or allowing hearing protection or eye protection on the job. If this is happening, you’re not working for a safe employer.
  3. Your health seems to be getting worse. If you have noticed a degree of hearing loss in a manufacturing site, then you might consider your health is getting worse as a result of your job. You should never have to struggle or feel unwell because of your job and if you do, it’s a good chance that you need another job. You can be signed off of work from your doctor but you may not want to do this too often! There are some health issues that will not be reversible if you stay on a site that is making your health unwell.
  4. You don't get any support. Your boss is supposed to be there to support you and if you are feeling ill after you are conducting your daily work, you might find that you turn to your boss for support. They should be providing you hearing protection, the right PPE and guidance if you need it. However, it’s a good sign that your employer doesn't care about you if they don't support you when you need it.
  5. They don't believe you when you report illness. An employer who cares about your health believes in you when you report an illness and doesn't dismiss you. There are those who don't behave this way, but you should consider whether you should move to a new employer if yours doesn't offer sympathy when you’re unwell.
  6. There are no wellbeing goals. Are there incentives or perks to your job that surround your wellbeing? If not, you might find yourself unwilling to work harder like you usually would. You deserve to work somewhere that cares for your health and that means ensuring that your employer offers you improvements on your wellbeing.
  7. You’re lacking in help. If you don't have support when you burnout, you need a new job. You should be getting the help you need from your employer and your boss should recognize that, too. Speak to your boss if you are feeling alone in your role, they need to know how you feel!

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