5 Tips for the Best Family-Friendly Holiday in Phuket Thailand

If you have decided on a winter holiday in a tropical paradise, you couldn’t choose a better place than Thailand; the jewel of the south is definitely Phuket, a busy island that nestles on the stunning Andaman Sea. Of course, a family holiday requires a lot of planning, and with that in mind, here are a few tips to ensure smooth sailing and a holiday to remember.

Choosing a family-friendly resort – How about a spa in Patong Phuket with everything you need? You can expect to see a kiddy pool next to the main pool with lots of water toys, including mini slides, and when you need time to relax, childcare services are always available. Some resorts cater to young single, some for older people and a few are family-friendly, designed with kids of all ages in mind.
Washing beach clothing – If you want to save money, acquire 2 large bowls and wash clothes on the balcony; great for underwear and beach gear. There is a wash rail and clothes literally dry in minutes. You can even wash the kid’s underwear in the bathroom sink if push comes to shove. Many couples don’t bring much in the way of kiddy clothing, rather they buy in Thailand, which is very cheap for good quality cotton T-shirts and shorts.
Take a ‘supplies’ bag when going out – A light bag to put spare clothes, a pack of wipes and diapers if required. Sunscreen and mozzi cream are also essential must-haves for the tropical climate, plus the kids’ sunglasses when not being worn. Your partner can carry another bag with smartphones, tablets, and wallet; follow this advice and you won’t regret it. If Europe is a favorite place, here are a few essential things to know before travelling to Europe.
Budget daily and stick to it – If not careful, things can get out of hand; staying at an all-inclusive resort is one way of checking your expenses. Are you going to pay more than the locals for some things? The short answer is yes. Wherever you go in Asia, you will encounter double pricing, it’s part of traveling, as long as the difference isn’t too much. Take full advantage of what’s on offer in the resort and that should save money.
Take out family health insurance – Being in a foreign country does put you at more risk; medical treatment in private hospitals is of the highest standard, yet it is not cheap, so take out a family policy for peace of mind. Search with Google for holiday insurance or talk to your broker and in no time, you and your family are covered.

November to February is the high season in Thailand and the weather is pleasant (20-25C) and there is no rain; book early to avoid disappointment, as family-friendly resorts are very busy.

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