How Learning A Musical Instrument Enhances Your Career

Have you ever thought about learning a musical instrument? It’s one of those things you wish you had done when you were little, yet the opportunity never presented itself. It’s never too late to try - and learning a musical instrument can have positive consequences on your career. The two don’t initially seem to have any bearing on one another, but here’s how picking up an instrument can enhance your career prospects:

Opens the door to many side hustles

When you can play an instrument, you can do so many great things that might make money. Two examples are creating music online to sell to creators, or providing music lessons. YouTubers and content creators always need music to fill their videos, so they can pay you for this - or you upload it and receive the royalties. Music lessons are slightly more complex, but with instrument rental, it’s very easy to get a couple of instruments to teach others.

The more you dig into this, the more career ideas and side hustles jump out at you. Being musically talented opens loads of doors, so it can help you figure out a new career path or do something alongside your job to bring in extra money.
Creates networking opportunities

People who play instruments rarely do so alone. Perhaps you join a band or music club - maybe you go to group music lessons with other people? It could even be as simple as becoming a member of different music forums online. Regardless, this puts you in contact with other individuals, potentially opening the door for career networking opportunities.

Let’s say you’re in a local band and you get talking to one of the other members. It turns out they work for a company that’s hiring, and you’d be perfect for the role. You can do all the career planning in the world, but this opportunity only comes about because you’ve put yourself in the situation. It would also be a missed opportunity if you weren’t part of this band and couldn’t play an instrument. As far as networking goes, being a musician puts you in so many places to converse with others.
Develops lots of key skills

Playing an instrument will help you develop the following key skills:

  • Memory
  • Focus
  • Multitasking
  • Time management
  • Problem-solving
All of these are essential skills employers look for. They translate to loads of different jobs in many industries, and your instrument-playing helps you hone and develop them better than ever before. Effectively, you become better at what you do, which makes you a more attractive candidate in future interviews. At the same time, it could help you perform well enough to be spotted by your employer for a raise or promotion. It’s good to have things outside of work that are fun to do yet also have a positive impact on your working life.

See, learning a musical instrument enhances your career in various ways. Whether it’s opening new doors, helping you network, or developing your core skills, an instrument could be the thing you’ve been missing all your life. Plus, it helps with stress. If you get home after a long day at work, sitting down and playing the piano or strumming the guitar helps you release all the stress and get into a better mental mindset. The benefits go on and on, so perhaps this is something to look into for the future.

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