Ship Car Guide:Tips on Choosing a Carrier

If, for some reason, you have come to a situation where you need to ship your car to a more distant destination, you are entering a process that requires certain preparation. The first step is to understand this type of car transportation and find a carrier that will do the job.

The next step is to figure out what service you need. Car transportation companies offer different services, which you can find out more about on this web page. After you decide whether you want door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal service, as well as whether you want open or enclosed transport, start looking for a carrier that can meet your needs and budget.

Get Some Names

If you know someone who has recently used the services of a car transportation company, you can ask them for recommendations and get first-hand experience. Ask how satisfied they were with the service, whether everything went smoothly, or if there were any problems. These are some guidelines that can help you in shortlisting reliable and trustworthy carriers.

Also, look for more haulers on the Internet. With a simple Google search, you can find a carrier that provide services nationwide. Narrow your search to companies whose representative offices or have terminals near your location and offer the service you need.

Once you have the names of a few car transportation firms, use an online search to get an insight into their reputation and business legitimacy. Look for customer reviews and comments from those who have previously used the services of a particular carrier. Pay attention to whether the comments are positive or negative, as well as what customers complain about the most.

Another item you should check is the BBB rating of the hauling company. This parameter shows how businesses interact with customers and how trustworthy a particular carrier is. Also, there you can find information such as how many years the company has existed, etc.

Check Carrier's Credentials

If you need vehicle shipping services for the first time, you may be confused by the number of carriers on the market. You want to get the best service for your money but also not to get ripped off. Rates may differ from company to company, but that's not always the deciding factor. Carriers that ship your car at a price much lower than the competition are, to say the least, suspicious.

What you should definitely do is check the carrier's license and certificate. All hauling companies must be registered with the Department of Transport (DOT) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). If there's no proof they're registered with these associations, bypass them and focus only on officially certified hauling companies.

More info on the DOT number is found below:

An important item for proper carriers' choice is insurance. During the transportation of vehicles, there are certain risks, and reputable companies do everything to prevent them. That's why they carry proper insurance so the clients are carefree when it comes to liability. Do not forget that the policies of different carriers may also differ, so you must discuss coverage and possible additional insurance.

Get Several Quotes

Shipping rates may vary from company to company, but the deviations shouldn't be more than a few hundred dollars, depending on the type of vehicle being shipped and the destination. Avoid companies whose rates are too low, who require payment for the entire service in advance, and those who offer multiple rates online.

Car transportation companies generally offer a free estimate, which you can get by calling or through their website. You pay the deposit when you confirm the reservation, a few days before departure. Then you can pay the rest of the money after signing the contract before loading or after car delivery.

Compare the quotes of several companies, and choose the ones that fit your budget.

Shipping quotes are subject to change, especially if you book this service a few weeks in advance. This can bring you certain savings, but gas prices can change in the meantime, just like supply and demand for these services. Thus, the rate can be higher or lower than previously agreed. Of course, the carrier will inform you about the change, which you may or may not have to accept.

Customer Service

This is something you shouldn't neglect. When deciding how to ship a car using haulers, you need reliable and 24/7 available customer support responsive to your queries and questions. Your four-wheeler is a valuable asset, so you want to keep up with the shipping process, especially if you transport your four-wheeler to a remote location.

Picking the right carrier might seem like a daunting task, but it pays off to invest time and effort into finding a reliable hauling company. Only that way can you get the best value for the money and have peace of mind that your metal pet will arrive at your destination.

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