A Loose Guide To Loose Fit Clothing

The 2010s were dominated by tight-fitted clothing such as skinny jeans and slim-fit t-shirts. Now Gen Z are taking fashion in the opposite direction, embracing baggy and oversized clothing. However, this style isn’t just for Gen Z. Many loose-fit clothing items have been popular for a long time. The rules have simply changed when it comes to pairing and contrasting these clothes effectively. Wearing such clothes won’t just make you feel more stylish, but could also make you feel more comfortable. That’s what loose fit clothing is all about: dressing for comfort. This post explains more on how to wear a few popular loose fit items.

Baggy jeans

Baggy jeans are the quintessential loose fit item. They were all the rage in the 00s, faded away in the 10s and are now back again. Baggy jeans continue to look great when contrasted with a crop top. However, you can also pair them with other baggy clothes - including loose fit t-shirts and jackets. The key to getting this look right is to know where to draw the line. Tucking a baggy shirt into high waisted baggy jeans is one way to get the balance right. Meanwhile, if you’re wearing baggy jeans with an oversized jacket, try rolling up the legs slightly to tame the look slightly.

Boho maxi dresses

Tight maxi dresses don’t compliment all figures and can feel quite restrictive to wear. Looser-fitting boho maxi dresses can make a great alternative. Many plus-size women find them to be much more flattering, and they’re more appropriate for lounging around on a summer’s day. Most boho styles are heavily textured and layered. They tend to pair well with other boho fashion items like strappy sandals, bead jewelry and floppy beach hats. For those that want to add more shape to these dresses, consider wearing a belt.

Oversized sweaters

Oversized sweaters are perfect cozy items for wearing in the colder months. This is an item that still works well with skinny jeans (especially when worn with ankle boots or hi-tops). Some sweaters are large enough that they can be worn as sweater-dresses with thigh high boots or tights and sneakers. As for pairing an oversized sweater and baggy jeans, consider a baggy crop top sweater or tuck in your sweater to limit some of the bagginess.

Longline t-shirts

Longline t-shirts are t-shirts that are fairly slim-fitting at the top but extend down below the waist. They’re a nice casual item to wear in the summer, but just how should you wear them? Longline t-shirts look great when contrasted with skinny cropped jeans. They can also be worn with baggy jeans by tucking them in at the waist. Longline t-shirts can also be worn as t-shirt dresses for an ultra-casual look (best worn with a denim jacket or leather jacket over the top so that you don’t look like you’ve just come out of bed!).

Trench coats

Trench coats are the oldest and classiest of the loose fit items listed here. They are incredibly versatile clothing items that can look great over many other outfits. Long trench coats work really well contrasted with mini dresses. They also look great over baggy high-waisted jeans and a tucked in t-shirt. Button them up for a more formal look, or wear them over the shoulders like a cape for a more glamorous look.

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