From Dainty Rings to Tall Boots, What Are Your Favorite Accessories?

Finding the best accessories for your perfect outfit is a delicate balance of style and taste. It's important to find comfort and confidence in your wardrobe. From personal experience, it's easier to be confident and assertive if you aren't worried about what you have on. Accent pieces are the way to go with jewelry, scarves, belts, shoes, and other accessories.


I can go on forever about jewelry. From picking your metal, color. and design to finding themed pieces and shapes, you can customize every outfit. Earrings and rings are always fun. I have multiple piercings in each ear so I prefer stud earrings all the way up with the smallest at the very top except for my first hole, I like to use dangles or hoops. When it comes to rings, I prefer dainty rings instead of larger stone or chunky costume jewelry. Choosing solid metal tones or gems is a great way to tie together the other pieces you are wearing including necklaces, earrings, bracelets, anklets, broaches, and body jewelry.

Hair Accessories

Hair accessories can be functional and/or stylish. Clips are my go-to. I use metal clips to keep hair out of my face and bigger clips to keep it pulled together and out of the way. Elastics and other types of tie-backs are nice to use as an alternative. For shorter hair or to use just as an accent, headbands and tiny clips are an adorable choice.

Belts and Scarves

Using the options of clothing belts and all-weather scarves is a fun way to get colors to come together. It can help with making your outfit look more conservative or even more layered. Scarves are so universal they can be used around the head, neck, and waist.


Shoes are another accessory that can make an outfit truly shine. Are you looking for a comfortable sporty look or classic professional style? Maybe something a little in between? There are all types of shoes to match what you are looking for. I love tall boots! I love thigh-high, knee-high, high heels, I'll wear them all!

Fashion accessories are always fun to mix up and wear in different styles. What are your favorite accessories? 

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