How To Avoid Stress When Planning A Wedding

Planning a wedding isn’t often a walk in the park, despite it being one of the best days of your life. If you’re new to wedding planning - and let’s face it, most are - then you’re going to need all of the help you can get. Otherwise, you might find yourself pulling out your hair in frustration and stress.

Here are some helpful tips to ensure you avoid the stressful feelings of planning your own wedding this year or in the near future.

Create a spreadsheet for budgeting

First and foremost, create a spreadsheet. A spreadsheet is a great way of budgeting for the wedding and ensuring that you’re not spending too much on the wedding itself. While the day is a special one, it’s not one that should send you spiraling into debt.

Try to set up this spreadsheet before you’ve even spent any of the money you’re planning to. Make sure that when it comes to budgeting, you’re overestimating everything that you need to spend money on. That way, you can save and put aside all the money you need and hopefully you won’t spend more than you intend - you may just save some money!

Book dates with vendors in early

To take advantage of the time you have available when planning a wedding, it’s important to book the dates with vendors as early as possible. The earlier you can solidify dates, the more chance you have of securing the vendors you desire and not needing to pick from the very few that will be available in six months to a year’s time.

Yes, you’ll want to aim to book your vendors at least a year in advance. Some vendors, particularly photographers might be fully booked for the next two years, so it’s good to get in early.

Find your wedding venue first and foremost

When trying to find a wedding venue, it’s best to do this first before tackling any other part of the wedding day planning. There are lots of things you need to plan but finding the venue is paramount. It’s what will determine the other vendors you use, as well as how your photos and video content will look if you choose to capture either or both for your wedding.

Take a look online for wedding venues and take your search to multiple areas and even countries if you’re looking abroad.

Do monthly reviews of your progress

In order to stay on top of the planning, check in with monthly reviews. As you get closer to your wedding day, you can make sure you’re on track to the big day. There’s so much to plan that it’s useful to keep a monthly review in place to catch anything that’s slipped your attention.

If it helps, it might be worth splitting your responsibilities between you and your partner so that you’re saving more time but avoiding the stress of doing it alone.

With these tips, you’ll avoid stress when it comes to planning a wedding!

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