Reasons to Choose Vietnam as your Next Holiday Destination

Southeast Asia is fast-becoming one of the most visited parts of the world and Vietnam is a place where tourists flock in the high season, which is from November to January. The digital nomad is a new breed of professional who can live anywhere that has an Internet connection, so a large percentage of visitors work remotely and where better to enjoy nature than the tropical paradise that is Vietnam.

Here are some of the reasons to make your next holiday destination Vietnam.

Exotic beaches – The Vietnam coast is a pearl; book one of the luxury boat trips in HaLong Bay and experience this region from a unique perspective. Ha Long Bay is a firm favorite for many digital professionals; there is adequate web connectivity, which is essential for digital nomads. If you work online, you will meet many like-minded folk if you stay at Ha Long Bay.

Tropical climate – No one likes the cold European winter and those who can, prefer to fly out to Southeast Asia, typically incorporating Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand. From October through to March, Southeast Asia is the perfect location to escape the minus temperatures. Bali is a popular destination for Australian nomads, then a few months in Vietnam and maybe onto Thailand and Malaysia. The high season in Southeast Asia coincides with the European winter, which is a great option for those who work online.

Low prices – Vietnam is a developing country, therefore the cost of living is low, which is reflected in the prices; street food costs a couple of dollars, beer is cheap, while accommodation is luxurious. If you are in Europe or the US, you will save a lot of money if you holiday in Vietnam and this is one of the main reasons why digital entrepreneurs like this part of the world.

Natural beauty – Tropical rainforests, mountains, idyllic lakes and breath-taking gorges and paddy fields straight out of a postcard, are just some of the sights you will behold. Those who love and appreciate raw nature love to explore the non-tourist areas of this huge country and a few months sees the season change. Each nomad would have their own schedule that includes 3-4 countries; some like to visit South America, spend time in Peru, Mexico and Costa Rica; Australians and New Zealanders prefer to go to Vietnam and Indonesia. Click here for tips on packing for a beach holiday.

Lots of fun activities – The popular nightlife is one attraction, while watersports of all types can be found in places such as Ha Long Bay. You can earn a PADI diving certificate, go fishing for monster marlin and sailfish and even enjoy a sunset in a hot air balloon. Hire a motorbike and explore; you can plan your trip and even book accommodation online.

If you have yet to experience the wonders of Vietnam, what are you waiting for?

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