How to Remain Active in Your Children’s Lives While Working on an MBA Degree

While parents enjoy nothing more than watching their little bundles of joy grow up, they also have to provide adequate financial and emotional support if their children are to be raised in a balanced and harmonious home. Whether you depend on a babysitter or your in-laws to help fill in those gaps of time when you can’t be in two places at the same time, knowing where you are needed most can be challenging to any parent.
In the course of earning your online MBA degree, you are going to have to come to grips with the fact that there are quite a few family oriented activities that you may miss out on. Raising children while studying for an MBA online might be the most difficult challenge you have ever faced, as you will be burning the candle at both ends and pulled in opposite directions at the same time. By organizing your time and keeping your children abreast of your class and study schedule, you will be you to stay active and present in their lives, and neither of you will feel like you are missing out.

Stay in Communication with Your Children's School

Busy parents all wish they had more time, but even when it seems like you can’t fit everything into your already tight schedule, you’ll be surprised at how many other people are willing to help out. Just before you enroll in your AACSB online MBA, talk to the principal at your kid’s school and let them know that it might not be as easy to reach you as before. Professionals in the education industry also have families and personal responsibilities that they have to balance, so they know first-hand what it’s like to be a parent and a student at the same time.

Make Time during School Breaks

Winter, summer and spring break vacations are usually aligned between public and private primary school, as well as colleges. If you are lucky enough to have your breaks match up with your children, you can use this time to catch up, have fun and take a major breather. Some parents working on their masters in business administration online may even be able to put away enough money to go on adventurous vacations with their loved ones, which can further help your children understand what you are working toward.

Learning and Studying Together

A lot of parents going to school study when they know that there won’t be any noise or disruptions, but don’t miss this opportunity to bond with your kids in a different way. As you probably already help your children when they need homework assistance, think about holding study sessions at the kitchen table so that you can all share homework hints. Even if you aren’t as productive studying when you are surrounded by your children, they will very much enjoy spending time with their parent right after school.

Obtaining your MBA will help you to go into a career that allows you to see more of your children, enabling you to plan for big events and take off days when you really want to be around for certain occasions.

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