2018 Media Kit

Founder/Publisher/Editor: Amy Groves | Contact Me: [email protected]
Location: Western NC | Start Date: November 2014

Amy & Aron's Real Life Reviews is a lifestyle blog dedicated to providing readers with real-life stories, tips, and product reviews.

Why "Real Life Reviews"? Because we want our readers to relate to our storytelling and our product reviews. We're just your average small-town couple with some kids, some pets, and some problems - just like everyone else. Who better to share their experiences than us?

AARLReviews focuses a lot on family. We have a big family and a lot of love, so most of our product reviews and anecdotes center around family life. We love to travel and share our adventures, as well as our opinions on everything from subscription boxes, household products, and everything in between. We haven't found anything we can't review!

2018 Blog Stats

For October 2018
  • Monthly Views: 752,000+
  • Unique Monthly Visitors: 240,000+
  • Sessions: 308,163
  • Bounce Rate: 24.68%

Brand Ambassadorships

  • Precious Moments Blogger
  • Best Buy Wolf Blogger
  • Dealspotr Blogger
  • Tomoson Influencer

Social Stats

Twitter - 30,861
Facebook - 12,490
Instagram - 12,944
YouTube - 2,962
Pinterest - 5,867


Virginia 13%
California 6%
Texas 4%
New York 3%


18-24 - 12.7%
25-34-  48.78%
35-44 - 21.82% 
45-54 - 8.79%
55-64 - 6.35%
65+ - 1.55%


Female 41.9%
Male 58.1%

Connecting locally – Western North Carolina

I absolutely love covering local events and connecting locally. I live in Murphy, NC which is centrally located between Atlanta GA, Asheville NC, and Chattanooga TN. I am open to covering any events, attractions, or locations in this area. I am open to writing restaurant reviews, attending local events, covering restaurant/store openings, attending any press events.

Requirements: I require 2-4 tickets, preferably press passes/VIP/full-access tickets so I can get the most out of my experience. If you’re a local restaurant, we require full complimentary meals for two guests (six guests if family-oriented).
  • Travel: I require the company to cover travel expenses and hotel accommodations for anything over 40 miles from Murphy, NC. If the trip is longer than 2 days then I require a per diem for food. I’m willing to compromise depending on the event. 



Blogger Collaborations, Guest Posts, Sponsored Posts

If you’d like to collaborate with AARLReviews, let me know! We’d be happy to mention your brand or allow a syndicated post! If you’re looking for a review, please see the review section below. We are happy to negotiate pricing, within reason.
  • Syndicated Blog Post & Social Media Promotion – Written by your company: $200 fee
  • Blog Post & Social Media Promotion – Written by me: $400 fee
Sponsored Social Posts: $10 per social post, per 1,000 followers (YouTube exception)
  • Instagram Post: $110
  • Facebook Post: $130
  • Pinterest Post: $40
  • YouTube Video: $150
  • 5 tweet package: $300
  • Social media blast: $400 (includes 1 Instagram post, 2 Facebook posts, 3-6 tweets, 2 Pins, and 1 G+ post)

Sidebar Advertising:

  • Prime Exposure on a website that receives 240,000+ Unique Monthly Viewers
  • All ads are personal ads that are approved by me.
  • Elite Advertising at a very inexpensive rate.  Advertisers will be selected on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Your ad will direct to the Landing Page of your choice.
  • Sizes Available: Large [325×325] at the top of all ads.  Small [125×125].
  • Pricing:  Available in 1-12 month increments.  
Please Email Me For Pricing.  


AARLReviews requires an unopened, unused full-size product of $50 or more value to keep for product reviews. The reviews include a full-length blog post and ongoing social media promotion – using links and hashtags of your choice.

Fees for reviews – includes 3 to 5 social shares!
Payments can be made via PayPal: [email protected] unless otherwise negotiated.
  • $250 fee, plus products valued $50 or more value to keep.
  • Apps: $300 fee plus free app to try
  • A $250 fee will apply for certain beauty, health, or fitness products. 
  • Digital service reviews will be a minimum $300 fee.
The items will not be returned to you. I do not review sample-sized products. If you’d like your product reviewed and returned, there will be an additional $75 minimum fee as compensation for my services. Product reviews will be full-page reviews, photos, and include social media promotion. 

Products sent together from the same company, will be reviewed together on one page, unless otherwise requested or stated. I try to take my own photos but sometimes use the photos from the company’s website. If you have any specific requests, please mention prior to sending the product.

Product reviews will take up to 4 weeks to complete. It’s unlikely that it will take that long, but we do have busy seasons. If you need reviews on or by a specific date, please mention prior to sending the product. All reviews are posted on AARLReviews.com and automatically shared on Facebook and Twitter. Additional promotion can be requested. Reviews will remain for life. We never delete reviews or social media posts. Additional promotion can be requested. A fee may apply.

If I receive a faulty or damaged product, I will notify you prior to reviewing the product to give you the opportunity to fix it. I will not review damaged, faulty, or used products. If you do not respond to my emails within a week of the issue, I will write my review based on the product I have received. 

Small or Deluxe samples will not be reviewed or mentioned on social media. Brand New Full-size products only.


We do run giveaways on the website for products that are valued at $50 or more. Giveaways are a great way to gain exposure for companies and to pick up traffic for them. The company is required to ship the prize to the winner directly within 4 weeks of the date that the winner is chosen. If you’d like AARLReviews to ship the product to a winner, you can send a prepaid shipping label, PayPal cash, or a prepaid card to cover the costs. We are very selective with the items that we give away so not all products will be accepted. All of our giveaways follow the federal regulations. We will not share entrants personal information (emails, addresses, etc) with you unless the winner gives us permission. We will not collect emails and give them to you to solicit customers, as it is against the law. 

Fees & Requirements
  • $100 fee for giveaways (in addition to reviewing fees if applicable) & the company is responsible for shipping handling unless otherwise states. Group giveaways vary in fee. 
Reasonable bonus entries will be included upon request: social media links, email sign up, website visits, etc. If you don’t make specific requests, I will add the social media links displayed on your website as bonus entries. Mandatory entry requests are not accepted.

If you have specific requirements for your giveaway please feel free to email us so we can set up the perfect giveaway package for you. 

Blogger Outreach 

Amy & Aron's Real Life Reviews has a network of bloggers that we partner with for giveaways, reviews, and sponsored content. We can connect you with 15-40 bloggers depending on their availability.

Recruiting other bloggers is a fun way to create a bigger buzz and social blast in a consolidated time frame. email us directly to get rates.

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