Traveling Companions That Make The Trip So Much Easier

Traveling isn't always easy and we just had an awesome review to help make traveling a little bit easier. Just wondering, how many times have you been away from the house and had to buy a nail file or a pair or clippers? A charger or anything you take for granted being at home? I know it happens to us every time we go somewhere.

I don't know how many times I have had to make a purchase at a specialty store because I needed something that I have at home.

My Koooka is my new best buddy. They have a convenient manicure set that comes with everything I need at home or on the go. This is really the complete set!!

Opening it on the left side there are 4 sets of clippers. Large, small, small with an angled edge and the wishbone shaped clippers. On the right side, there are 7 more pieces for the perfect nails. file, cuticle pushers, scissors, tweezers, dead skin trimmer, razor head it's everything I need.

This set is the perfect set to have all they time. I have been watching youtube videos on how to do nails and makeup and this is a sure asset for all of the creations I can come up with.

What else makes traveling more convenient? Stuff for our devices. We are a very digital family. All of us are on the go and in contact with someone or something. Between posts, shares, tweets, snaps, more posts and texts I know where my kids are!!

Traveling safer is always a positive thing too. What I mean by that is having a holder for my phone so I can keep my maps up, and charging cords for our devices. It's awesome.

Universal Travel Charger Kit,JASTEK Pack with UL Listed Power Bank,USB AC Charger,Multi Charger Cable,Micro USB Cable and Card Pouch as Gift(1 pack)

Keeping everything handy so there is no digging through stuff, hunting for wires, or dropping them is a huge improvement on traveling. What the Jastek set does is it has a charger cable for every device we own. There are 5 different adapters and a USB to power it all. It's nice because I can charge more than one device at a time. As fast of a charge that I get from charging, I know I can do more than two, I just haven't had to yet.

The wall plug has the USB so charging multiple devices from there is a cinch too.

One bonus feature of this set is the travel wallet. I haven't seen one of these in awhile and it's great to have. It has a super strong sticker that you can put right on your phone or device cover and it can hold your cards or cash so you don't have to carry all of the extra stuff. It's so convenient! The whole set is.

 That covers the whole family. Inside and outside of the car. Indoors or outdoors, this set is amazing. I am the head hoverer over our changing situations and this makes my life so much easier!!

It has the USB adapter for my cigarette lighter, a plug for a wall outlet, a portable rechargeable battery stick that can come with me on a walk or whatever. This whole set is a necessary set for charging. What I mean by that is it's realistic and doesn't have anything I don't need as well as everything I do need.

This is coming from the only driver in the house. I have to keep my stuff charged and also make sure everyone else has their stuff together. It really makes for an interesting trip, if another passenger doesn't have something to occupy them with.

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