Advanced Home Monitoring~ Samsung SmartCam HD Plus

I take home security very seriously. I have many devices around the house to make me feel safer and more secure in my own home. I just got a new one from Samsung. It's the SmartCam HD Plus. This is awesome.

The whole process of setting up didn't take long at all. It comes with the hardware to hang it and the USB cord to run power. I like it that it has a breakaway power cord. That means I can use a different plug if I want to. It's a nice heavy duty power cord.

This has some very advanced features that I can truly appreciate. I have several indoor cameras and this one is definitely top of the line as far features, image quality, setup, and sound. The size is another great feature that sets it apart from the rest. There is no bulky housing.

This is seriously discrete. I had this set up on my desk first, not one person suspected it being a security cam. Everyone that noticed (which wasn't many) thought it was my webcam for my computer. I love that. It makes me feel so much better knowing that it is my secret that the camera is even on.

I can hear and talk back on this camera. It has two-way talk function so I can communicate with people on the other side. Just so everyone is clear, it is AWESOME saying "Hey, what are you doing to the kids and pets" from the other room or even when I'm not home. I can watch it everywhere my phone is in service or on wifi.

The range is really nice on this camera. I can set the image resolution too. 1920x1080, 1280x720, 640x360. Clicking 1920x1080 is like watching a movie it's so clear. I have it set to send me notifications so I get an image saved as soon as it detects sound or movement. I love being able to open it up and see exactly what set it off.

This camera also offers night vision up to 32 feet. I like that feature because for one, it's super clear, just as clear as day vision and I don't have to leave the lights on. For 2, it's even more of a surprise to intruders. This is great for when we are out of the house and want to check in.

The camera comes with a 16G memory card that goes right into the camera for holding the images for later viewing. That is an awesome feature too. In the event of a robbery or break in, the image are easy transferred to my computer, phone, or any other device so I can download and share.

The wireless camera that this one is replacing only worked on WiFi. I couldn't get the images unless I was connected to the internet and pulled them out of the cloud. A cloud is a great option for storage reasons but, the memory card is better in my opinion. I can't always be connected to the internet.

Even if it's a funny something and not a serious something going on, it's great to catch it on record. That's how we found out Boston Terrier was sneaking on the couch, to the bar stool, to the counter, tiptoeing across the edge of the sink and eating the food off of the stove. We heard a thud sound and he was on the floor in front of the stove. What had happened was, he fell off the stove. Every biscuit had a bite taken off of the top.

This would make a great way to see what happens on Halloween with all of the Trick or Treaters. 

 The SmartCam HD Plus is a great way to feel safer leaving my home on trips to town or away for the weekend, I know that I can keep an eye on things anytime I want to. This is an amazing addition to our home security.

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I received this product for free to facilitate this review. If you have any questions please feel free to email us directly at [email protected] or [email protected]

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