Your Guide to Select the Right Indoor Water Feature

The market is occupied with appealing styles and themes of large indoor water features. These designs are made to facilitate different home and office interiors. Also, the variety of these features caters to every taste preference, however, with a huge number of spectacular shapes, colors, and sizes to select from, it is nothing but difficult to get confused in the buying furor of the ideal water feature for your space. 
If you want to add an indoor water feature to your space, you have a choice to sift through a wide range of sizes, materials, styles, and price points. These amazing art pieces can be bought in everything from glass to copper to elegant marble.

Become Familiar with Styles

Both indoor and outdoor water features such as wall-mounted, tabletop, garden, and solar fountains, are considered as the most r designs. This is because they are elegant, simple to install, and economical. Wall fountains can be great accessories to any wall, and go perfectly with mirrors, paintings, or photographs. Tabletop fountains can make a slick and exhilarating bathroom, den, foyer, or living room. Garden fountains have been everyone’s favorite for a long time and solar fountains are hitting the pace. People are heaping praises on these because their design is environmentally friendly.

Determine Your Budget

Water features are available for as low as $100 and range up to several thousand dollars. Finalizing your budget forthright will help limit the choice, so you would not have to invest days filtering through stock above your budget line.

Choose the Location

It is very important to choose the location for your fountain before you finally buy one. Both your location and the style of your fountain should complement each other. For instance, if you want a fountain for a narrow lobby, a wall type would be more useful than a freestanding one that could get stumbled over.
It is important to determine the purpose of buying a water feature. Do you want to make it a focal point or do you want to hide a hole in the wall? Or is there an area calling for your attention? Moreover, the item you buy must have an appropriate proportion according to space. In case of the tabletop fireplace, it must be proportionate to the size of your table. A water feature is supposed to enhance your current furniture and décor, not act as a distraction. A room designed with busy patterns will not approve of a black spider marble fountain.

Consider the Options

In addition to the styles of indoor water fountains, there are supplementary options that you can also consider. Do you have a preference for a water feature with lights? Are you inclined towards a dimmer for the lights? Would you like to be able to control the speed of the water flow? There is a number of options to choose from, such as extended warranties, water purification system, self-cleaning functionality, and drains.

With this guide, you can take your time to browse the selection available and expect yourself to buy an indoor water fountain suitable as per your budget, location, and style preference.


  1. These are great tips, thank you so much for sharing! The picture with the triangle indoor water piece is beautiful!! I would love to have something like that in my home.

  2. I really like the idea of indoor water features. There's something soothing about running water.

  3. I have a couple of fountains in my garden. It would be nice to have one indoors. A small tabletop fountain would look great in my living room.

  4. I would love this outdoors but not sure about indoors. I think the sound or running water is so soothing but it also makes me run to the bathroom.

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