The Biggest Hurdles to Overcome When Moving to a New Home

So you’ve finally moved into a new home, or at least have plans to. Maybe you’ve looked around different properties and finally came across something that you like, and maybe you’ve already set the wheels in motion and you’re going to move in the next couple of months. That’s fantastic! But if this is your first time moving home, then you’ve got some hurdles to overcome in the future.

In this post, we’ll be taking a look at the challenges involved in moving and how you can overcome them with the greatest of ease.

You won’t know anyone in the neighborhood

Unless you’re lucky enough to a place close to your friends and family, you probably won’t know anyone in the neighborhood. This is fine, however, because it means that you’ve got an opportunity to make new friends and learn about the area. It’s a good idea to do a bit of exploring, wave and smile at your neighbors and generally interact with them. This is difficult if you’re not a very social person, but it’s never a bad idea to get to know the people that live near you. You don’t need to be great friends, but it helps to at least know their names.

Forgetting things in your old home

If you’re lucky, you might be able to contact your landlord if you forgot something in your old home. However, this could be avoided if you start packing your stuff a few weeks before the move. With the help of a moving service like Bekins Moving Solution, you could get this done incredibly easily and you’ll never have to worry about forgetting something in your old home. Just make sure you have everything packed so you never have to deal with this hurdle.

The unpacking process

Packing might seem difficult, but the unpacking process can be just as challenging. Make sure your new home has plenty of storage so that you can actually unpack. The biggest tip here is to have a suitcase ready with clothes and essentials like toiletries. This will make it easy for you to continue your life without stressing over unpacking. You could probably leave your stuff in your moving boxes for a couple of days while you settle in and unwind from the moving process.

Forgetting to cut utilities and change addresses

Two of the most important tasks when moving is cutting utilities and changing addresses. Make sure you cancel any utilities you use and try to plan their cancellation close to the date that you plan to move so you don’t end up paying more. It also helps to write down a list of services and companies that you need to change your address with. Important ones include your bank, your medical services, and online retailers–you don’t want your stuff going to someone random!

The moving process can be challenging, but we feel that these are the biggest hurdles to overcome. With the right planning, anything can be made easier–even moving!


  1. The houses in the picture are so.... picturesque!!

    1. I also love this list, if I move I'll need to follow this checklist, hahaha.

  2. These are great points about moving into a new home! I have moved so many times in my life so I know all about the struggles.

  3. There's not much worse than moving, lol. If I had my way, I'd never move again.

  4. Moving is always such a daunting process. The earlier you start, the easier it can be.