Beauty Treatments Gone Wrong

If you have been injured because of a beauty treatment, it can be very upsetting, especially if you are going to suffer permanent pain and/or scars. Fortunately, most people have a good experience at a beautician but sadly this is not the case for everyone. Below, we provide further information on beauty treatments that have gone wrong.

Laser treatment

Laser treatment is a highly sought after treatment. It can be used as part of several different treatments. This includes everything from reducing the appearance of acne to removing hair. Generally, it is a procedure that entails minimal risk and it does not take long to carry out.

Nevertheless, if your beautician does not carry the treatment out correctly, their error could result in injuries for you.

Examples of mistakes in laser treatment accidents…

Failure to protect the eyes – It is imperative that you are provided with goggles during any type of laser treatment, otherwise, damage could easily be caused to the eyes. This is especially the case if the laser is directed near the eyes.

Overexposure to the laser – If the beautician does not use the laser correctly you could experience scarring as a result of burns. Individuals may also experience pigmentation and changes in skin texture because of overexposure.


Waxing is a treatment that is extremely popular for women all over the country. In fact, a lot of men have embraced this beauty treatment as well. It can undoubtedly be somewhat painful. Nonetheless, pain should never be long term. Thus, if you are experiencing injuries from your waxing treatment that you shouldn’t be, you should definitely explore beauty treatment claims further.

Most people experience momentary pain when they go to the beauticians for their waxing treatment. However, the pain quickly disappears and they are happy with the results. Yet, if the beautician does not carry out the procedure properly, you could end up experiencing issues. So, what could actually go wrong?

· Failure to do a patch test – All new customers have to have a patch test prior to their waxing treatment. This should take place a couple of weeks in advance. It is done to ensure you do not have an allergic reaction to the wax. If the beautician does not do a patch test and you have a horrible reaction, they will be at fault for the injuries you have suffered.

· Overheating the wax – If the wax is overheated you could experience burns from the treatment.

· Skin not pulled taut enough – When the beautician pulls the strip off, you could experience your skin being torn if the skin is not pulled taut enough.

· Failure to ask about pre-existing health conditions/allergies – When having any type of beauty treatment, the beautician must ask about any allergies or pre-existing health conditions. Failure to do so can result in injuries.

Other injuries

Of course, the two examples that have been mentioned are just two examples of many ways that someone could end up being the victim of a beauty treatment going wrong. You may also suffer from an injury if you have had your hair dyed and a patch test has not been carried out. There have also been people that have been injured because of faulty beauty products, and if so, you will be able to take this up with the manufacturer. Other examples include injuries that have occurred because of improper massage techniques being used as well as aggressive chemicals used as part of facials.

Making a claim against the beautician

Of course, only a small minority of people are unfortunate enough to experience negligence or error from a beauty technician. Nonetheless, if you are one of the unlucky ones this is not something you should merely accept. You should get in touch with accident injury attorneys and get the compensation you are entitled to.

When it comes to claims involving beauty treatments not only will you be compensated for your injury itself, but also any costs you have incurred because of the injury. This can be anything from travel expenses, to loss of income, to medical costs. So, make sure you keep proof of these.


  1. I took a laser treatment once but was very very disappointed.

  2. These are the reasons I have always never wanted to have any sort of cosmetic surgery! There are so many things that can go wrong it is just not worth the risk to me.