What Are The Best Cigarette Replacement Therapies?

People like to smoke. In the US alone, an estimated 30 million-plus people are hooked on the habit. Of adults aged 18 and over 14% currently smoke, which is fourteen people out of every one hundred. The difference with you is that you’re trying to quit. You understand the side-effects and want them to go away for the sake of your health.

Quitting is not easy, but it’s not as difficult as it used to be years ago. Thanks to improvements in technology, there are plenty of replacement therapies on the market. Whether you want to chew gum or stick patches to your arms, you’ve got lots of options.

The key is to pick a treatment that will work, so you should tailor one to your needs. Carry on reading to find out more.

If You Still Want Nicotine

As in, if you still want the sensation of putting a cigarette-shaped object to your lips and inhaling. The problem with some of the treatments is they are too clinical. It’s about reducing the tar and smoke going into your lungs and nothing else. Well, you like to smoke because of the way it feels and how it looks, too.

With that in mind, an electric cigarette is an excellent option. It’s still sleek and shaped like a cigarette, and you can inhale and blow out smoke, but there are fewer side-effects. All you get is the nicotine hit that your body craves and nothing else; plus, there’s no need to recalibrate your habits because they’re the same.

E-cigs aren’t long-term solutions, which is why you should gradually reduce the nicotine level over time. Then, your addiction will fade away into obscurity.

If You Want A Smoke-Free Substitute

Electronic cigarettes aren’t one-hundred percent healthy because they include smoke. Whether there are any pollutants in it or not, it still gets into your lungs and irritates them. People who like to vape can develop a worse cough when switching to electronic cigarettes because they’re constantly puffing away.

In this case, you have to switch out the smoke, and you can with CBD vapes. Unlike e-cigs, they don’t convert oil to gas by burning it. Instead, the oil is vaporized, a process that is ten times healthier. And, there’s no need to worry about drug-like side-effects either. If you’ve heard about the CBD vs THC debate, you’ll know the former is hallucinogenic. Most CBD oils only include the cannabinoids so that no harmful chemicals enter your system.

By using a smoke-free substitute, you can take all of the harmful elements out of quitting smoking.

If You Like An Oral Treatment

Some people like to use oral treatments because they are easier to regulate. For example, there’s no need to go outside and fire up the e-cigarette. Instead, you take a piece of gum from your pocket and chew it like you would a normal stick. Or, you pop a pill at regular intervals or suck on lozenges. If you’re a chewer, taking it orally is the best method.

To make sure it works, you need to choose the treatment that offers the best burst of nicotine. Otherwise, your addiction won’t budge no matter how many packets of gum you chew. The trick is to judge how many cigarettes you smoke per day and then opt for a method that mimics the same nicotine level. For example, smokers who smoke 20 a day should get 4mg packets of gum.

The taste can be bitter, so you might want to try different gums and lozenges to find a flavor that is bearable.

If You Need A High Dosage

Addictions can range in intensity. Some people are casual smokers and only do it when they get the urge, which isn’t often. Others can’t help but buy a new pack and go two or three of them per day. In this case, the popular treatments won’t work because they aren’t designed to tackle such heavy usage.

An inhaler, on the other hand, is a perfect partner. Sure, it’s not discreet, but it packs a powerful punch and will ease your cravings as soon as they pop up. Not only that, but one puff should keep them at bay for a medium length of time. Most treatments are short, sharp hits and not enough to deal with intense addictions. Plus, it absorbs quickly so you won’t have to wait for the feelings to abate.

Which one do you think will help you quit the world’s worst habit?


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