5 Creative Kids’-Party-Favor Ideas for the Best Birthday Ever

No kids’ birthday party is complete without party favors. Party favors are the icing on top, the sweet treat for those who celebrated with your family. Finding the perfect party favors can be challenging when you need to balance value and fun. If you’re out of ideas, check out these creative party-favor ideas that combine fun and learning.

DIY Craft Kits

Creative, fun, and educational—they’re all qualities the perfect kid’s toy should have, and DIY crafts are these three and more. Not only are they perfect toys for your kids, but they’re also great children’s-birthday-party favors.

There are tons of DIY craft kits to choose from, like the Klutz Make Your Own Mini Erasers kit, The Super-Duper Ball Kit, Dinosaur Dough Kit, and Bath Bomb Making Kit by DIY Gift Kits. You can also assemble your own craft kit for kids if you’ve got plenty of time and want to save money.

Storybooks and Coloring Books

Story coloring books don’t usually come to mind when you think of party favors for kids, but they’re excellent choices. For one, storybooks and coloring books help children learn new words and understand the world better in a fun way. Plus, kids can express their creativity and practice their fine motor skills by rendering color to the story.

A Mystery Box

There’s nothing a mystery box to ramp up the excitement over party favors. Children love mysteries, and they’re bound to enjoy guessing what’s inside the mystery party-favor boxes.

You can make it an exciting experience for them by making it a guessing game of what’s inside the box. Prepare clues around the party venue, and let the kids find hints and figure out what they mean. You can do a big reveal at the end of the party.

Consider getting custom made boxes with creative styles and unique layouts to match the theme of the party and make the unboxing experience more fun and exciting for the children.

Science Kits for Kids

Kids are voraciously curious about the world they live in, and that’s why science kits are fantastic party favors for children. Science kits allow children the opportunity to discover the answers to some of their questions about the world and satisfy their curiosity.

Plus, kids can do experiments (without getting hurt), play with “chemicals,” and create awesome things. No matter what age you are, experiments are and will always be cool.

Flavors from around the World

Kids love delicious treats. Chocolates, candies, jellies, lollipops—you name it; children will gobble it up. Instead of the usual M&Ms, Snickers, or Jolly Ranchers, add a new and exciting twist to the loot bags this year: candies and snacks from other countries.

Kids can get chocolate bars at home and in grocery stores, but they won’t find uniquely flavored chips and do-it-yourself snacks like those candies and treats from Japan. Do those children a favor by expanding their goodies horizon.

Final Thoughts

The best party favors are not just about fun. They also need to have value beyond being toys that are nice to look at. Most children already have action figures, toy cars, and dolls, so having more of those same toys won’t really have that much value for them. You may as well prepare something creative and unique, like the items in this list, to make your party favors stand out.


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