Getting to Know CBD Oil for Dogs

Every time my children see any kind of dog, no matter even if it’s a street dog on its last legs, they want it. They will ask people if they can stroke their dogs in the street, in restaurants or if we visit friends with a dog they sit with them the whole evening.

I used to work for a couple who ran a doggy day-care, fetching London dogs to come and spend the day in the countryside and then be taken-chauffeured- back each evening. Check out these pups here having the time of their lives.

They would do agility training sessions, spa treatments, and all-inclusive meals. I mean it was a dog's dream, and the owners were those that wanted their pets to live the dream. So, they paid the outrageous day-care fees and it seemed to be a win-win situation.

Nevertheless, my kids loved visiting me at work, and we would often have a little pug named Dumpling stay round ours for the night. And round ours, I mean taking over the bed while snoring so nobody can sleep. But we loved it.

When we are done building our house, we will for sure be getting a dog. Problem is we all like so many, I’m hoping we don’t have one each. Eek.

Caring for your pet.

Looking after your pet not only involves a good diet and exercise but also keeping an eye on any problems that could pop up. The genealogy of your pet is a vital key to looking at what the tree line has endured and what possible illness you could expect if any.

I know someone who has 5 dogs, yes you read correctly.

Unfortunately, one has epilepsy, but she found that the more natural homeopathic products on the market that she was recommended were having a much better effect with regards to side effects than any medicine she was prescribed.

One that stuck in my mind was CBD oil, I don’t think I’ll ever forget because of its ingredients. But be that as it may, it is a blessing for them, so I’m all for it. She read about it on the official petcbdcommunity website and has heard a lot of good reviews, be sure to have a browse and see for yourself.

What is CBD Oil?

Well, it stands for Cannabidiol. It is derived from the plant Hemp; this is part of the marijuana family, but itself does not cause anyone or an animal to be ‘high. 'The oil from the plant is extracted and is highly concentrated.

3 Advantages of Using CBD Oil.

Pain Relief. Marijuana has been used since BC times in aiding pain relief. Because it works with the endocannabinoid system in humans, it helps moderate the level of pain we can feel.

Anxiety & Stress. The oils’ ability to impact the brain’s neurotransmitter helps with moods and social behavior, it helps relax you so you don’t panic or become anxious, and it’s great for social engagements.

Symptom Aid. It’s been tested that patients who have cancer and going through treatments of chemotherapy, who were given the oil, said they felt a significant relief when it came to pain and nausea associated with the side effects of chemotherapy.

How can CBD Oil Benefit your furry family member?

When it comes to health conditions in dogs, the first instinct is to run them to the vet. While this may work, it also comes with a hefty price tag each time.

But if you had a product you could administer at home, where they feel comfortable, same as we do for ourselves, wouldn’t you prefer it?

If your dog has any form of seizures, arthritis or even symptoms of cancer, then this oil can help alleviate some of those horrible experiences and pain.

What’s great about this is that it has no life-threatening side effects and your dog won’t end up feeling ‘high’ like with the marijuana plant.

Giving this natural remedy to your pet is done orally, with a dropper. Read this handy guide for a more detailed understanding before getting started.

Ensure the correct dosage for your type and size dog, the last thing we need is an overdose, yes it may be a natural product but if abused can have negative consequences.

Part of the Gang.

When we decide to bring a pet, whatever it may be, into your homes and lives, a relationship is born. We grow together, experience things together, and those memories can’t just be replaced.

They are our family. They are in our photos on the walls, on our social media platforms and in our wallets.

If they are in pain, we are in pain. I don’t like taking medicine and always opt for the natural route if possible. And when we get our dog, or dogs if our kids have anything to say about it, this product will be in our home.

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