Starting Fresh And Living A Healthy Life

It’s not uncommon for people to start to think that it’s too late for them to make changes in order for them to live a healthy life. This isn’t the case. Even making small changes that improve your health can help. From things as simple as having regular check-ups, losing the extra weight or keeping on top of your hearing with a regular hearing test, they all add up and help you to remain fit and healthy.

There is no need for a healthy lifestyle to be complex. As long as you make an effort to live as healthy as you can, you have nothing to worry about. This doesn’t mean that you have to completely restrict your food, be able to run a marathon or go to the gym every other day. It simply means making sensible choices and looking after your body in the right way.

Let’s have a look at some of the ways you can achieve this:

Watch What You Eat

You don’t need to be on a strict diet in order to be healthy. You just need to avoid overindulging too often and be mindful of what your body actually needs. No two people are the same therefore the food they need is going to be different. As a rule, you should make sure you’re eating a well-balanced diet that includes healthy carbs, healthy fats, dairy, protein, fruits and vegetables. The quantities and types of food that you should be eating can vary though. Someone who is physically active all day for a job may need to consume more calories than someone who works at a desk for example. It is also based on your height and if you’re trying to gain, maintain or lose weight. Some people find it useful to look at things such as food for your blood type and have food intolerance tests to ensure they’re eating the right foods for them. As a guide, you are supposed to stick to the number of calories recommended by checking your BMI, however, this doesn’t mean you can eat all your calories in chocolate, you still need to work to keep it balanced.

As well as looking after your food consumption, it’s also extremely important that you look after your body by supplying it with the correct amount of water. It’s recommended that we consume eight glasses each day to keep our body working properly if you’re under the weather or active you may need to top it up more.

Keeping Active

This by no means means that you need to be able to complete a marathon or triathlon, it merely means that you need to keep moving. Our bodies work better when they’re active, including areas such as bone strength, your metabolism and digestion. We’re supposed to get around thirty minutes of exercise each day, you don’t necessarily have to complete a workout to achieve this, it can include things such as cleaning the house, walking to the shop, cycling to work and many more. Simply taking the stairs each day instead of the elevator is a step in the right direction to keeping you fit and healthy.


Sleep is a very important part of your health. If you don’t get enough sleep it can cause other problems. You’re left feeling lethargic, fatigued and moody. You can’t function as well when completing tasks and can easily make mistakes. Your body also suffers too, we need the right amount of rest in order for our bodies to do what they’re supposed to do, such as fight off infections, store memories and repair itself from activities. It’s recommended that adults get between seven and eight hours sleep each night so if you’re not getting this it might be time to have a look at what you can to change it. Think about setting a sleep routine, you could turn off devices an hour before it’s time to sleep to help you shut off naturally, set an alarm to remind you that it’s time to get some sleep and then make sure you get up when your alarm is set in the morning. Too much sleep can be just as bad as too little, like with your diet it’s all about balance. Of course, there are going to be a time when you need more or less sleep such as having a new baby or being poorly, however, you should try to manage your sleeping pattern as much as you can.

These are just three areas that you can grab a fresh start with and live a healthy life, do you have any other areas that will help? Please share them in the comments below.

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