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Creating the perfect atmosphere in your home can be so challenging. Since we have been home for the past few weeks we have been debating heavily on what to do with our home to make it more of what we want. We have been in the same place for over five years and in my opinion, for renters, that's a long time. It's the longest I have ever stayed in one place my whole life. I love the stability in that but I do get a little ancy sometimes. I need to freshen up my surroundings to keep me interested in these same walls.

We have been pretty creative in updating enough to make it feel new. We change the rooms around, paint, change the furniture around, change the pictures on the walls, and more. We have even updated the outside. Our landlord is amazing and my husband loves me. Our landlord says we're the best tenants he's ever had and can do whatever we want here and my husband doesn't care what we do as long as he gets his chair. DEAL!

Our back porch was a 4ft by 6ft area that was big enough to walk on to open the door and get groceries and stuff into the house. We transformed that into a 15ft by 20ft big covered porch for our pool table and workout equipment. When Aron got sick we closed it all in and turned it into our bedroom because we could easily get his wheelchair in there. Our oldest daughter moved into our room and gave our girls more space.

Time passed, her boyfriend moved in, my stepson moved in, our oldest daughter and her boyfriend moved out, my mom was in an accident and she came to stay with us for about 9 months, my stepson went back to his moms, my mom went back home, Aron and I moved back into the master bedroom and the wheelchair accessible room is now my office, my big awesome 3 windows having office that I love! Wow, that summed up a whole 4-year stretch in one breath.

It has been pretty awesome to evolve the way we have. The house is so quiet now. We only have one teenager at home and none of our parents. They are healthy and happy in their own homes. We can make the house have more of a mature feeling instead of a child-safe, animated type of atmosphere.

There are so many options when it comes to art and decor. Gorgeous new wall prints from Modest Home Design. Part of their exclusive "Hygge" collection Not found in stores. Check out this print and while you're there, take a look at the rest of the collection!

I love these pieces because they are so natural and neutral. They can go with any color scheme. I can visualize these with a bright red wall or even a solid white wall. They will look great alone or with other accents. I love art like this because no matter how many times you want to update the room, these pictures are instant classics. They are elegant but so simple! I love them!

Check out Modest Home Design on their website to see everything they offer. They have all kinds of home decor including pillows, throws, wall art, rugs, and bedding sets. 

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