Ways To Keep The Relationship Exciting During Pandemic

The recent worldwide events have done so much damage to the life we've always known. So much has changed and it has left us feeling overwhelmed and in some ways completely alone. Everyone needs to work hard to keep their relationships strong. I am so excited to share some great tips with all of you in hopes of helping you along the way.

Plan an at home date night

This might sound a little genaric but it's really not. A date night at home can be anything that you don't always do. Set aside some time after the daily duties to unwind.

Yes, you spent all day, the past 4 months together but it's been living. Take a little time to enjoy each other's company. No talk about what the pandemic has done to our nation, state, or city. Play a game, have a glass of wine, no need for dinner, it's a safer at home order, we all are dinner twice by 9pm.

Shop online together for something special

So, this is funny to me because I catch myself on a shopping site so many times a day. My husband too. We sit in the same room comparing great buys and sales. But, I'm not talking about the RV that is a dream buy or the Amazon cart full of school supplies.

Take some time to snuggle up and shop together on one device. Turn everything else off or at least out of arms reach. Browse an adult shop for some toys or accessories that each of you want to try. Be adventurous and make the purchase. That will give you another date to try all of the goodies.

Take turns planning adventures

You and your significant other know why you love each other and what makes your relationship work. It's okay that he likes boating and you like crafting. It's okay that he has a fisherman's club and you have a crafting club. You might loathe your partners hobbies but, suck it up buttercup, give it a whole hearted try.

With all of the staying home that's been going on, you've both had so many things that you have been cut off from. It's safe to do things with the people you are sheltering in place with. So, do them. Each of you list three things that you've been missing doing or just want to do and go for it! Don't say no. This is the perfect time to throw in that free dating site you've been dreaming about. Nothing is off limits! Match Me Happy is a destination worth checking.

Don't criticize your partners choice. And don't scoff or roll your eyes no matter how boring or unentertaining it may sound. They already had to admit they wanted to do these special things with you.
 there is already other people that want to do these things with your significant other but they are choosing to do these things, that make them happy with you. Share those moments and make new memories. And don't forget it's your turn next so get creative!

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