Should You Choose Hardwood Floor or Carpet?

Hardwood floor and carpet are the two most common flooring options in homes. If you’ve been debating between getting a new floor and aren’t sure whether to opt for a hardwood floor or carpet, it could be worth asking yourself some of these questions to get a better idea of what is right for you.

What’s your budget?

Hardwood flooring typically costs more per square foot than carpet - the average hardwood floor material costs $8 per square foot, while the average carpet costs $3 per square foot. If you’ve got a small budget, you may find that carpet is the more reasonable option. Of course, there are cheaper forms of hardwood and more premium forms of carpet, so it also depends on the style and quality you’re after. 

Do you have kids or pets?

Kids and pets can make a lot of mess. With a carpet, you could find that cleaning is more of a chore - food, animal hair and other sources of mess can be harder to remove from a carpet. Hardwood floors in comparison can be easily swept and mopped.

Of course, hardwood flooring can have its drawbacks when it comes to safety. A child might do themselves more harm falling on a hardwood floor, while hardwood floors also aren’t great for dogs’ joints. However, usually laying down a few rugs can solve this.

Is comfort important?

Carpets undoubtedly make a room feel cosier. They’re softer underfoot and they don’t get cold in the winter. Carpets are popular in bedrooms for this reason - choosing hardwood flooring in a bedroom could mean having to always keep a pair of slippers by the side of your bed.

Which lasts longer?

Hardwood floors have the potential to last over a hundred years before needing to be replaced. A cheap hardwood floor is more likely to get scratched and stained over time - especially if it isn’t laminated or treated - and may not last nearly as long. You should also be careful of exposure to water and liquids, as these can easily destroy a hardwood floor.

Carpets have an average life of only 10 years. However, by investing in carpet cleaning, you can extend the life of your carpets well beyond this. Carpets are more resilient to water than hardwood floors, but too much exposure will ruin them. 

Are you looking to add value?

If you’re a homeowner looking to add value to your property, your best option is hardwood floors. Carpets tend not to add any value to a home while hardwood floors can add as much as $10,000 to the price tag of your home. 

The verdict

Hardwood floors have recently become the more popular option in homes: they’re easier to clean and maintain, will last longer and will add value to your home. However, carpets are a lot more affordable and offer a comfort that hardwood flooring cannot compete with. For practicality and return on investment, choose hardwood flooring. For affordability and comfort, choose carpets.

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