Common Pests You Might Encounter At Home In Winter

Winter is a time of year when we don’t consider bugs entering our homes. Once the weather gets colder and our homes become ready for Christmas, pests are never the first thing on our minds and we can come to neglect them.

Pests however do not work seasonally, and many of them will be just as present in cold winters as they are in hot summers, and today we want to share with you the pests you are most likely to see in your home during winter.

Keep your home beautiful and hygienic this winter and avoid contact with these pests.


Moths are a pest all year long and the weather does not stop them from being active. Moths are often seen around clothing and windows, and they will feed on cotton or other fabrics in your wardrobe. Moths can be a real annoyance and one way to get rid of them from your closet is to spray moth repellent inside. Keeping some potpourri in your wardrobe can also stop them from wanting to buzz around and eat.


Mice might be adorable and small, but the impact they can make on your home during the winter is big. Mice are cute however they are attracted to foods such as cereal, seeds and dried fruit and will bite little holes in your food boxes if you don’t store it well enough. Our best tip is to store food in airtight containers that can’t be chewed! 

Pantry mites 

As well as mice stealing your pantry ingredients there are small creatures known as pantry mites that do the same. These critters live in your flour and rice and will eat these ingredients. They can be hard to spot because they are so small but if you see little black specks moving around be sure to get rid, clean everything in the cupboard, and consider getting advice from a company offering pest control services.


Spiders can be either counted as a friend or foe during winter; and this really is down to whether you are scared of them or not. Spiders usually live in the walls and floors of our home and for the most part they do a good job killing other pests like flies and bugs that are trying to invade. However, we all know spiders can be scary, so to stop them from coming into your house you can block small cracks in your walls and use peppermint oil close to entryways to repel them. 

Fruit flies

If you have lots of fresh fruits, mulled wine, and sugary treats on the go this winter one thing you are likely to attract is fruit flies. Fruit flies are pesky little critters that will come to your home as soon as they smell sugar. Getting rid of them often isn’t easy however fly traps can be a useful tool to stop them in their tracks. 

There are many pests active during the winter period so make sure that you take the time to prevent them! 

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