Have Fun Without A Screen- Yo Ring #yoringitup

Kids do the craziest stuff to keep themselves entertained. They snap, clap, hop, skip, run, game, you name it, the kids are doing it. So much of our lives are online now that I think it's great when kids do stuff away from the screens and get moving. When I heard about the Yo Ring, I had to check it out to see what all the buzz was about. I spent over an hour scrolling through their Instagram in amazement and migrated over to the youtube channel to see more how to's on doing the tricks. I even shared the Facebook feed with my kids so they could check it out too. Yes, all of us are impressed! 

This is so cool! People of all ages are up and moving, catching the Yo Ring. Across the room or down the hall, indoors or outdoors, with friends or all by yourself, the Yo Ring is the perfect pocket-sized companion. 

The Story (I love a good story)

When this kid, Brody Korth got bored and was playing a funky and modified game of catch with his friends using a metal ring, it sparked the genius idea to turn it into something that everyone, everywhere would want to play. That's when and why the Yo Ring was created. They were using a metal ring, it was a great start but painful. Brody went through several different material types before he finally found the perfect combination that included the right bounce, smooth roll, and aerodynamic flight.

I have to say, this is very creative! I love the story of how it came to be!

Colorful Design

Awesome bright design. This makes chasing it and keeping an eye on it while it's rolling, bouncing, and in-flight, so much easier. The bold blue, red, and yellow colors will stand out against any surface or backdrop.

Size and shape

Everyone can appreciate the size and shape of the Yo Ring. It's thin and round so little learning hands, as well as grown-up expert sized hands, can toss and catch it with ease. It's super lightweight and very portable. It will easily fit in any pocket for playing everywhere. With the hole in the middle, you can even clip it to a lanyard if you want to keep it with you that way.  

Making a Difference

I want to personally give a huge thank you to Yo Ring for participating in our Sneaky Santa surprise. Over the past few years, we ask sponsors to give us a hand in making magic for Christmas. This year, of all the years we have done it so far, just might be the most important. So many families have been impacted by the pandemic. If we can help just one family keep the magic alive, that would be an amazing thing. 

You can see Yo Ring on their website and social media channels to see all of the cool tricks and how to perfect them. You will be amazed at how fun they are!

Amy & Aron's Real Life Reviews received this product for free as a gift to facilitate this review. If you have any questions please feel free to reach us directly by email or with the contact button over on the right side. 

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