BathMoment Waterproof Kneeler Pad System Perfect For All Bathtimes!

Since the announcement of our grandson, that's all I can think about. Everything I am doing brings up more hopes and ideas for what it will be like to finally get to meet him. I can't wait to see his tiny little face, his tiny little hands, his tiny little toes... I can barely stand myself! There is so much to prepare for. Me and Aron (grandpapa) are planning the baby shower. It's so much fun! I have reached out to every brand that we have worked with in previous years to see if they want to celebrate this joyous occasion with us. I can't wait for you to see all of the goodies that we come up with. 

For this post. I am so excited to share the Kneel Pad by BathMoment with you. This is something we have never shared before and it's a new brand to us. Thank you, BathMoment for participating in this year's Womb to Walking Baby Guide! Baby bath time can be awkward and messy, this helps! 

Why a Kneel Pad?

Just asking this question reminds me of the bruised knees from kneeling on the same spot so many times. A Kneel Pad is for the parents. Baby bathtime can get so messy with all of the splish-splashing going on. For me, I was the messy one. HAHA my girls loved to laugh at splashes. I would end up with four or five wet towels plus the ones I had folded up for under my knees. Knees digging into the floor and pants soaking up water isn't a great time, I am here to admit but, is all part of life. 

The Waterproof Bath Kneeler and Elbow Pad saves your knees and lets you enjoy bath time as much as your little baby. Laugh it up, make a mess, make memories, this time will fly by!

What is the BathMoment Kneel Pad?

The BathMoment Kneel Pad is a 1.5" Thick Kneeling Mat and Arm Rest Cushion to help reduce fatigue during extended kneeling times. 

What comes in the box? 

This is such a fun bathtime system! It comes with five pieces that make it a great gift idea for a baby shower. What's even better is it's completely affordable if you want to buy it for yourself too. 

1. Dual cushion waterproof kneeling pad
2. Elbow cushion with mesh pockets for easy and convenient storage space.
3. Waterproof bathtub book. I love this little book! 
4. 2 Hooks for hanging the cushions to dry after bathtime and storage in between baths.
5. Storage /Packaging Box

Kneel Pad Features

The BathMoment Kneel Pad System has a few great features that any parents (and grandparents) will love and appreciate! Newborn bath time is all about the convenience of everything that you need. Your baby needs you right with him

Waterproof cover- The waterproof cover has a nonslip bottom to increase safety by not sliding on the floor while scrubba dub dubbing. 

Mesh Pockets- The mesh pockets are perfect to keep everything you need for bathtime right next to you so there are no distractions for something out of reach. It holds soap. washcloth, and a towel with room to spare, 

Machine washable- The BathMoment Kneel Pad System has six suction cups to keep it securely in place and the waterproof cover is easy to wipe off when you are done using it and its machine washable for even easier cleaning.

Hanging Loop-  Hanging loop with Velcro fastener for easy storage from either your towel rack or hook

Fits Standard Bathtubs-  The Elbow pad comes with pockets on both sides. It has 2 mesh pockets inside the bathtub for the baby’s toys and 3 mesh pockets on the outside for shampoo, soap, towel, and bathtime essentials.

Gender Neutral- This is perfect for every baby shower. It has a cute doggy print and is not specific to gender-themed parties. 

Multi-Purpose- This is the perfect kneel pad for all kinds of projects. Cleaning out cabinets, giving the pets a bath, playing with the kids on a short table, etc. Any kneeling task will be so much easier with this 1.5-inch kneeling cushion. 

I received this product for free as a gift to facilitate this review. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out directly. 

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