Why Should You Incorporate Pet Products into Your Marketing Strategy?

At first glance, incorporating pet products into your marketing strategy when your business is not primarily targeting pet owners can look like a waste of resources. By contrast, investing your company’s efforts into strategies that directly grow your customer base seems like a more sensible option. However, it should be noted that the pet product industry has been experiencing consistent growth in revenue for years, and the insights that many pet product merchants have gleaned from this upward trajectory can be of value to companies that don’t directly deal with pets.

Why should your non-pet-related business seriously consider investing in pet products today? Here are a few reasons:

Majority of the Households in the United States Own Pets

Your business may not be targeting pet owners specifically, but it’s likely that your target market is largely made up of pet owners. According to a 2019 survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association (APPA), around 67 percent of households—or a total of 85 million families—in the US own pets. This number has risen significantly over the years, and lately, many people have turned to adopting a furred family member to keep them company at home. Designing a campaign that incorporates pet products, like wholesale dog toys made to look like your company logo, will help you better connect with customers who have animal companions.

Customers Treat Their Pets as Family Members

Dogs and cats, among other types of domestic pets, serve practical purposes even to this day. Many dogs are bred and trained as guides and guardians, for example. However, many modern pet owners cherish their furred companions beyond their practical value. Indeed, many pet parents depend on their furry friends for emotional support, and they are more than willing to allocate resources to ensure their pets’ safety, health, and happiness.

With this in mind, bundling pet-related merchandise with your products and services will certainly catch the attention of these pet owners. There’s a chance that they’ll prefer to bring their business to you just so they can bring home another toy or accessory for their furred companions.

Customers Are Willing to Invest in Pet Products

Not only are there more pet owners now, the spending on pet products and services has also significantly increased over the years. In 2010, pet owners in the US collectively spent over USD 548 billion on their furred companions. In 2019, this amount has ballooned to USD 75 billion. If your company starts selling pet products and services, like quality dog bandanas and shirts with your logo, you’ll be able to profit from this trend.

Customers Want to Create New Memories with Their Pets

Pet owners want to bond with their pets. Many would take their fur babies with them on holidays or hold special events that focus on their pets, all so they can share their experiences with their furred companions.

That said, coming up with a dog or cat toy that looks like your product or logo can help your brand take part in the creation of these happy memories. If you’re selling pizza, for example, you can design a Frisbee that looks like a pizza for your customers. This can encourage them to play with their pets while enjoying a product or service from your store. It’s a new memory that they’ll cherish and likely share on social media.

You Want to Highlight Your Company’s Values

Many consumers prefer to bring their business to a company that shares their values. Investing in pet products or partnering with an organization that champions animal welfare can help your company highlight its values and make a connection with those who place high importance on pets and responsible pet ownership. Giving away pet products or bundling these types of merchandise with your regular products also sends a message that your business cares about something that many consumers value: their pets.

Pets Help Boost Online Engagement

Pictures of happy and contented pets often perform well on social media. It doesn’t matter if your business offers pet-related services and products or not; posting a picture of a cute pet on your social media accounts will generate likes and keep your community of online followers engaged. Imagine how many people you can reach by coming up with a branded pet toy or product that your customers may want to get for their pets. If your customers like your new pet products well enough, they might even post pictures of them on their own social media accounts, giving your company free marketing.

It’s the best time to start considering pet owners as a factor in designing your non-pet-related business’s marketing campaign. Coming up with a plan that will foster the loyalty of pet owners in the United States today will help you expand your market and take your business to new heights. Just plan out your strategy well, and you’ll win the attention of the growing number of pet owners in no time.

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