Why Wait And Be Bored? Play Online Games!

How do you relax in your downtime? For me, I'm a gamer. I have been playing games on consoles starting over 30 years ago! The magic started when I was 10 years old with a console game and those classic cartridges that had to be blown on to work half of the time. It was awesome!! I was a Tetris master! Because of the instant drop feature, I could get to level 10 faster than any of my friends! Oh, to the long nights I would lay in bed and pretend I was asleep so I could wait for everyone else to go to bed so I could sneak and play my game without having to share the remote. I would have to play it on low so no one could hear it and I am here to tell you, at level 10 and up, in the middle of the night, knowing I would be grounded for a week if my mom caught me, that was the most intense feeling in the world! I loved it!! 

Throughout the years, so much in gaming has changed. I will be the first one to admit that when I was 10 years old, I would have never imagined that I would be able to play a game online at the same time as someone down the street, across the country, or on a different continent. For full transparency, when I was 10 years old, the internet wasn't invented yet. WOW! I felt that statement. 

I love my gaming consoles but, I rarely play them anymore. Life gets so busy, days get long, and unless I have a full day to dedicate to gaming, I just don't have the time to invest. Pulling everything out, checking the batteries in the remote because it got knocked off the charger by the cats, six months ago, making sure everything is plugged in, grab a snack, and sit down; a half of an hour has gone by already and I haven't even hit the power button. I say yes to instant gratification. 

Playing Online Games On my Phone

Since I always have my phone on me, it's so much more convenient to play online games. I can easily do that. No extra devices to get out, wires to check (except charger), and it is instant game zone mode! On the days when we have appointments and I am stuck sitting in the car or the waiting room, it's so much fun to play games that are quick. 

Playing Online Games On my Computer

With online gaming on my computer, I can click to open a new tab, pick a game, and be playing it in under a minute. I can pick up a new game or play the same game whenever I want, right at my desk. No wires or waiting for someone else's show to get over. Ugh, the constant sharing hahaha. It's so simple! I am a writer. I write (type) about stuff all day long. It works out good for me because I write like I am talking because I am talking to all of you. But, sometimes, I get writer's block. I'll get stuck on a story, not be able to focus, and need a brain distraction so I can weed my way through the clutter. For me, that's games. 

I can mindlessly click while I sort out my thoughts and come up with whatever it was I was looking for. Aron gets curious. He says "do you work over there or just play games all day". Well, sir, it's a process. 

I just found out about Plays.org and this site is awesome. It has a throwback to all of the old games I used to play. Super Tetris- inspired by Tetris- Pack Rat inspired by Pacman, and so many more! It has sports games like soccer and minigolf and those cool pin pull games of strategy, I am playing one of them right now :) 

I love online entertainment mostly because of the convenience. Who doesn't have a phone on them at all times? I have 2! One for work and one for personal use. Nowadays, we spend a lot of time waiting. We can't just go in places and wait in line anymore. Since the pandemic started, everything we have to do needs an appointment and we wait in our car to be called in. That leaves us sitting and twiddling our thumbs if we don't have our devices on us. Online gaming has become the one pass time the whole family can get into. We all have our own devices so we can play our own games without interfering with anyone else's game. 

What is your favorite online game? 

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