Tastykake- The Best Summer Snacking

What is your plan for summer? We have a full six weeks of summer classes and some fun family visiting scheduled in between. Since we spent so much time over the past year and a half at home, we want to make sure that all of our adventures out are as safe as possible. We have cut back drastically on social dining and try to bring our snacks and stuff like that with us from home to avoid the extra stops. It's been working pretty good. If you are packing a school lunch, working at the desk, going on a road trip, or anything in between, Tastykake has you covered for all sweet snacking.

One awesome thing about bringing a snack with us is we can plan ahead. Planning ahead definitely has its perks. Finding snacks on sale, stocking up when possible, and having what you want instead of what the vending machine has to offer are all great in my book!

We just got an awesome selection from Tastykake and I have to say, this is the perfect snack kit for everything! Whether a day trip out of town, a cross country trip to gramas house, a day at summer class, or in my case a long day at the office, Tastykake has our backs for sure!.

Tastykake Mini Powder Sugar Donuts

Tastykake Mini Powder Sugar Donuts are perfect for breakfast on the go. This goes back decades for me. When we were kids, it was the only snack my little sister would have. We have so many pictures that her whole face (and sometimes hair) were covered in powdered sugar from sneaking the donuts. It turned into a family tradition, every road trip had a bag of powder sugar mini donuts to start out the trip. They are easy to hold, easy to share (if you want to), and easy to store for later. My mom would hand the bag to the back seat and we were self-sufficient professional snackers. We would give the bag back, she folded down the top, pushed in the built-in tabs, and saved the rest for us until later. They are delicious! It was only right to start out my little family road trips the same way.

The Mini donuts are available in a few different flavors and are a go-to for me year-round. I don't need a road trip to love these little guys. I actually have a few single packs of the Crunch flavor stashed in my desk. The only reason I am confessing now is that I will have them gone by the time this post goes live and I will have a new stash place mapped out :)

Tastykake Kandy Kakes

Kandy Kakes is a pleasure of textures and flavors. Want a cake snack but not just any cake? You have to try these little delights. It's a peanut butter-filled cake coated in a chocolate layer cake snack? Something with a little bit of filling in it but not overloaded? These are the perfect amount of cake, peanut butter, and chocolate in every bite. They are twin-packed and sealed for super convenient snacking. They are just the right size to throw in a lunch box for dessert or have as a solo snack. 

Chocolate Juniors

The Chocolate Juniors are a delicious double-layer of vanilla yellow cake with a layer of chocolate icing on each layer, just like mom and grama used to make. YUM! It's been being proudly served since 1914! Over 100 years of Chocolate Juniors. I love the size of the Juniors. They are just like going into the kitchen and cutting a hunk of cake. If you like cake, you will love these.

Not only does Tastykake have great-tasting snacks, but they also do amazing things for people. They support the USO and are inviting all of us to join in the fun.

Have you ever just wanted to thank someone for the outstanding service they provide? Tastykake is helping people like me and you say "Thank You" to the BRAVE service men and women by uploading a pic (here) Tastykake will donate $1, up to $25,000 to the USO and they will be entered to win weekly prizes. Learn more at Tastykake.com/USO.

Tastykake’s yearly donations support the USO in a variety of ways, including: 
  • USO Military Spouse Networking Program - Provides military spouses the opportunity to build and sustain their social, professional, and community networks, whenever and wherever they move.
  • USO Military Virtual Programming (MVP) & Entertainment Tours - USO Military Virtual Programming (MVP) & Entertainment Tours Provide world-class entertainment to service members and military families.
  • Bob Hope Legacy Reading Program - Helps service members read virtually to their children from around the world.
  • USO Care Package Program - Provides healthy snack packs and travel-sized hygiene products with toiletry packs to deployed service members.
Check out Tastykake on their website to find out where you can grab your favorite snacks. 

I received these products for free to facilitate this review. If you have any questions please feel free to email me directly. 


  1. I love Tasty Kake, they really do have the best snacks/sweets! I have never tried the Chocolate Juniors before, yum!

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